7 Summer Beauty Products That'll Help You Achieve All Your Skincare Related Human Goals

For the past month, I've been scoping out the best beauty products of the summer. And the name of the game for beauty this summer is skincare. I love new beauty company Glossier's philosophy of "skincare as beauty." Lately, my skin has been my top priority, and I've been making strides to give it the best (that I can afford) in beauty.

With the temperatures continuing to climb and humidity at an all-time high, it's been way too hot for a face full of makeup. Instead of my usual eyeliner and lipstick combination, I've been reaching for products to refresh, to reduce sweat and shine, and which smell amazing. And as Glossier suggests, my skincare routine has truly replaced my beauty routine during these hot and sticky months (although I can't help but succumb to a swipe of my favorite lipstick on certain nights out).

Summer is a time for relaxing and rejuvenating. In between (or during!) vacations, beach days, and just general fun in the sun, don't forget to pamper your skin. It's the largest organ of your body, and the foundation for every flawless makeup job. Don't compromise it and help it feel and look its best! Treat yourself and your skin this summer, and check out some of my favorite products from the season so far.

Image: Fotolia

Healthy Moisturized Skin

All of Glossier’s products are made to deliver soft, glowing, and fresh-smelling skin. Its whole collection is perfect for summer skincare, but my personal favorite is the Coconut Balm Dot Com. You can use it pretty much anywhere on your body, but I use it primarily for my lips.

The castor oil and beeswax combination delivers non-sticky moisture all day long. I need to reapply only once per day, if at all! Its coconut scent makes you feel as if you’re being transported to a tropical island getaway.

Since it’s so long-lasting, I can apply it in the morning and leave it at home. But since the packaging is so cute, I love carrying it around anyway (I still haven’t thrown out the box it came in).

Coconut Balm Dot Com, $12, glossier.com

Rosy Pits

I’ve been experimenting a lot lately with natural deodorant, which isn’t always super convenient during the summer months. But the hot humid days are enough to stop my former Dove deodorant from doing its magic, let alone a more natural alternative.

Still, I march on in the hopes of finding the perfect one. And so far, no product has come quite so close to Weleda’s Wild Rose Deodorant. I do have to reapply throughout the day, but this gentle spray-on formula smells amazing, and can totally replace your perfume.

If you love the smell of roses and care about the health of your armpits, you’ll love this all-natural product.

Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant, $14, usa.weleda.com

Electric Nail Polish

Lately, I’ve been very obsessed with Floss Gloss nail polish. The brand’s wild colors and luxurious-looking bottles are enough to make this beauty packaging addict drool. I finally had to temporarily retire my favorite green holographic nail polish and trade it out for this electric lime green. Make your nails pop with this eye-catching shade, a perfect color for summer days.

Floss Gloss Nail Polish in Con Limon, $8, flossgloss.com

Blotting Stick

If you’re like me and have a tendency towards more oily skin, you understand hot sticky summers like this one equal a shiny face fest. I used to rely on blotting papers, especially during this time of year. But lately, this blotting stick by Benefit has been doing the dirty work.

Rub this stick over problem areas like your T-zone to take care of shine. The product works like magic, revealing noticeably less oil and shine and giving your skin that perfect matte finish.

The POREfessional: License to Blot, $20, benefitcosmetics.com

All-Natural Skincare

Lather, rinse, repeat no more! S.W. Basics of Brooklyn has an amazing line of skincare products that have only a handful of ingredients and are completely natural! The cleanser, made entirely from rosewater, vegetable glycerin, and tea tree oil, is a non-lather formula and is incredibly gentle on the skin.

Plus, it mostly smells like rosewater, so it leaves your skin smelling great. The toner is made with apple cider vinegar and witch hazel, perfect for reducing oil and redness in the skin. Apply both with cotton balls and watch as your idea of washing your face is completely revolutionized!

S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Cleanser and Toner, $22, swbasicsofbk.com

"A Cup Of Tea For Your Face"

As Alyssa Garrison described it in her review in xoVain, this Fig + Yarrow herbal steam is truly like a cup of tea for your face. Put a handful of the flowers into a bowl of recently boiled water, put a towel over your head, and breathe. This therapeutic steam leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed. Plus, the warm flowery steam is just so relaxing!

I have the summer herbal steam, but there is a flower combination for all four seasons. The summer formula is made with sunflowers, peppermint, and hibiscus, and is meant to hydrate, purify, and provide a deep clean for pores.

Fig + Yarrow Summer Herbal Steam, $22, figandyarrow.com

Refreshing Face Mist

Nothing is more refreshing than the gentle and aromatic spritz of a facial mist. Wake up tired skin and cool off with Fresh’s Rose Floral Toner. As you can probably tell by now, I love smelling like roses. Fresh delivers a super luxurious rosy scent that helps you immediately shake off any low feelings, making you feel renewed and clean with just one spritz.

If Fresh is out of your budget, check out Heritage’s Rose Water Spray. It’s not exactly a facial mist, but it smells virtually the same and sprays gently like a facial product should.

Fresh Rose Floral Toner, $40, sephora.com