James Franco & Chris O'Dowd to Star in 'Of Mice and Men' on Broadway: Here's Our Dream Female Cast

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Good news for fans of the theater. James Franco and Chris O'Dowd are making their Broadway debuts in an upcoming production of John Steinbeck's classic short novel-turned-play-turned-English-class-staple Of Mice and Men. You know the story, the gentle giant and his gruff, yet kind caretaker find themselves working as ranch hands on a farm that is a microcosm of their past, present, and future. High hopes, big heartbreak, and shattering humanity. It is everything that made Steinbeck, Steinbeck.

It'll be exciting to see Franco and O'Dowd tackle these iconic and difficult roles. Especially since they're both known more for their comedic chops than their dramatic ones these days. With Tony Award-winning Anna D. Shapiro as the director at the helm of the project, we know it'll be the show everyone will be talking about.

Having Shapiro's brilliant vision behind the piece, it's no doubt that she'll be a dream director. We also wondered what Of Mice and Men could look like with an all-star female cast alongside an all-star female director. Here are our picks.

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