Using Eva Mendes' Circa Beauty Products To Recreate Her Flawless, Signature Makeup Looks

At the beginning of summer 2015, Eva Mendes launched Circa Beauty, her very own makeup line. With the priciest item in the collection ringing in at 15 bucks, I had to know if these products could transform me into the stunning actress — or at least make copying her flawless makeup easier. Seeing as Mendes probably has a team of professional makeup artists, I wondered if I could achieve the same results using her own beauty products. Currently available at Walgreens, these products are both accessible and affordable to all makeup lovers. There's a pretty wide range of products, so I couldn't wait to get started.

My goal with recreating Mendes' signature makeup looks was to determine if her own beauty line give me similar results to the actress' daily face. I was eager to see if these drugstore products could give me Mendes' beautiful glow without looking too heavy or made-up. The makeup line currently includes loads of face, cheek, eye, and lip products in several eye-popping colors, so I felt pretty well equipped to give this experiment a go. With so many affordable options, I has dying to see if I could find my next "holy-grail" product. To recreate Mendes' signature looks, I dived into the beauty line with high expectations, and my fingers crossed. Here is a look at a few of the products used to create these stunning looks.

Look One

I'm absolutely in love with Eva Mendes' makeup look in this photo. Rosy cheeks paired with bold lips is absolute dream combination for the summer, IMO. My main concern was if I would be able to find any products in the line that could give me the same type of glow without looking shimmery. I'm not a huge fan of glittery products, so I wanted to find the balance between radiant and disco ball.

From left to right: Lustrous Shine Lip Polish in 08 Bouclé Crush, $9, Walgreens; Ultrasuede Cream Blush in 02 La Spezia, $13, Walgreens; Picture Perfect Powder Bronzer in 01 Champagne Beach, $12, Walgreens; Color Absolute Velvet Lipstick in 09 Rita, $10, Circa Beauty

This look is all about a beautiful, natural glow. To recreate Mendes' radiant skin, I loaded the Cream Blush onto the apples of my cheeks and blended towards my temple. To finish off the cheeks, I added loads of bronzer to create Mendes' signature glow. This bronzer is a little lighter than I'm used to, so I made sure to pack it on.

For my lashes, I applied three coats of the Dual Focus Volumizing Mascara to my top and bottom lashes. This mascara is a dual ended product that contains both mascara and a shimmery top coat, but I skipped the shimmer for this particular look. To finish everything off, I applied the Velvet Lipstick and Lustrous Shine Lip Polish to my lips. These lip products are by far some of my favorites. Their pigmentation is incredible, and they smell amazing.

The products were all pretty matte, so I did find myself grabbing for my favorite non-Circa Beauty highlighters to add that Mendes glow.

Look Two

To me, this is the classic makeup look for Eva Mendes. It's her go-to for almost all red carpet events. A simple pink lip with flawless skin and subtle eyeliner is the basis for most of Mendes' looks. Since it's such a signature, it was most important to me that the Circa products be able to give me this finished product.

From left to right: High Definition Eye Lining Pencil in 04 Ebony, $9, Walgreens; Color Absolute Lip Velvet in 04 Ava, $10, Circa Beauty; Picture Perfect Powder Bronzer in 01 Champagne Beach, $12, Walgreens; Magic Hour Illuminating Concealer in 01 Light, $12, Walgreens

To start off the look, I wanted to achieve Mendes' flawless base makeup. I used quite a few layers of the Illuminating Concealer to cover my dark circles.This concealer is definitely on the sheer side, so I actually found that it was better at highlighting my under eyes than covering up. Next, I moved on to the cheeks. I added the bronzer as well as the creme blush from the first look to bring color back to my face.

I smudged the High Definition Eye Pencil onto my top lash line, and finished with the Dual Volumizing mascara. This look was super easy to pull off! Well played, Circa.

Look Three

This promo shot is the look that inspired me to try out the Circa Beauty makeup line. Look how absolutely gorgeous Eva Mendes looks! It's insane.

From left to right: Color Focus Eye Shadow Palette in 01 Empowered, $10, Walgreens; Fade to Black Precision Eye Ink in 01 Extreme Black, $9, Walgreens; Color Absolute Lip Velvet in 09 Rita, $10, Circa Beauty; Ultrasuede Cream Blush in 01 Imperia, $13, Walgreens

For this look, I started off by applying my own full coverage foundation in order to achieve Mendes' airbrushed look. I sampled the Circa Beauty Color Balance Liquid Foundation, however, I found the coverage to be too light for my personal taste. It'd be awesome for someone who likes a lightweight foundation, though! Next on my skin, I applied a small about of bronzer in Champagne Beach, and followed with the cream blush in Imperia. I loved the look of these two products layered together.

For the eyes, I used the Color Focus Eye Shadow Palette in 01 Empowered to create a smoky eye look. I used the shimmery silver shade across the lid, and buffed the two darker shades into my crease. The shades definitely go on a bit light, so they're great for a daytime version of your nighttime shadow. Next, I winged out my eyeliner using the Eye Ink in 01 Extreme Black. As a winged liner fanatic, I can assure you that this eyeliner is a dream to work with. I love the control that comes with the super small point. It's definitely best for getting that classic cat eye, rather than lining your waterline.

For my lips, I applied a heavy layer of the Lip Velvet lipstick in 09 Rita. I'm absolutely in love with this shade. It applies beautifully, and makes your teeth look whiter! An overall, win-win!

So, Was My Quest For Eva Mendes' Face Successful?

There are definetely some hits and misses in the Circa Beauty line. I'm absolutely in love with their color products. Some of my favorite standouts would be their cream blushes as well as their liquid eyeliner. Both of these products have amazing pigmentation, as well as being easy to apply.

I was personally on the hunt for full coverage foundation, so Circa's version wasn't for me. However, as I mentioned, they'd work well for someone who was just looking to slightly even skintone but still have a totally natural look.

Overall, I loved trying to recreate Eva Mendes' looks. She is a stunning woman, and her beauty line is sensational for the price point. Next time you're at Walgreens, I highly recommend snagging some to test.

Images: Getty Images (2); Circa Beauty (1); Emily McClure (7)