Beyonce's Personal Assistant, Sam Greenberg, Has Some Tips For Traveling Stylishly

Most people would kill for Sam Greenberg's job, but it's not a walk in the park. As Beyonce's personal assistant, Greenberg's dress code is anything but simple. One minute she's attending the Grammy's, and the next, she's jetting around the world on tour. Obviously, when you're working with Queen B, you gotta look fabulous, but comfort is also a big consideration if you want to stay on your A-game.

In an interview with Vogue, Greenberg talked packing lightly, ditching the heels, and how to dress for a 10-hour flight and not look like a mussed mess. If you're looking to grab a job in fashion or entertainment, Greenberg is the perfect role model. She preaches blending into the background (because B is the spotlight, after all), but knows the importance of looking the part. During her time as B's assistant she's even taken notes from her stylist, and vice versa. It's one thing to work for someone who is undoubtedly one of the biggest superstars in the country, but it's another thing to make it look so effortless and humble. If you didn't know Greenberg's name before, now's your time to learn from Queen B's right hand.

Here are three lessons from her Vogue interview that will help you prep for your next job in the (shadow of the) limelight.

1. Chic Sneakers Are Your Savior


"I definitely don’t wear heels most of the time, because I’m always on my feet and running around," Greenberg said. "I try to stick to really cool flats and sneakers."

If you lived in any city ever, you know that this advice is on point. Nothing slows you down more than heels, especially in fashion. It seems counterintuitive to put on athletic shoes when your job deals quite literally with looking fabulous. Unfortunately, though, when you're an assistant, your job is to focus on your superior and what they need. If you're hobbling around like a day-old Bambi with blisters, you're not going to work efficiently. Ditch the stilettos and invest in a pair of shoes that are comfortable but won't soil your outfit. Greenberg's favorites are Stella McCartney platforms, Chanel espadrilles, and Common Projects sneakers.

2. Pack Lightly And Efficiently


Even if Greenberg is going to be gone for months on tour, she still limits herself to one or two suitcases and a Proenza Schouler PS1 carry-on. She even uses an old duffel bag from camp to fit as much as possible! In terms of using space to her advantage, Greenberg's also learned that how you pack matters just as much as how much you pack.

"Shoes always go at the bottom," she said knowingly. "Make everything as small as you can, and as flat as you can — and also always leave room, because you never know what you are going to pick up on the road."

She also recommended wrapping wrinkle-prone clothes in plastic so that you don't have to waste time with an iron. Just as the wrong shoes can slow you down, so can all the minutes wasted picking out clothes and preparing an outfit. And when your Beyonce's assistant, you have no time to waste. To be ready at a moment's notice, Greenberg also leaves her bags half packed, half unpacked at all times, just in case she needs to sprint off at the last minute.

3. Keep Your Wardrobe Simple And All-Encompassing For Any Occasion


Oftentimes, Greenberg has to go straight from a flight to a business meeting. She wants to look put together, but not so much that traveling is uncomfortable. To solve her problems, she sticks to rompers, overalls, and the aforementioned sneakers. When she's on tour and backstage, she sticks to the all-black dress code by mixing and matching black onesies and Beyonce merchandise apparel (which is surprisingly chic).

"The [tour merchandise] pieces are curated so well and they are designed in such a cool way," Greenberg explains. "Whether it is throwing on a sweatshirt that says 'Surfboard' to go to the gym or putting on one of the T-shirts under a Levi’s denim jacket, it’s really functional and cool."

If you're ready to live vicariously through Greenberg's life (or go create it for yourself!), here are her go-to starter pieces. Be warned though: It comes with a hefty price tag.

Stella McCartney metallic platforms, $1,080;

Common Projects black slip-on sneakers, $309;

Chanel espadrilles, (similar styles)

Beyonce Flawless sweatshirt, $65;

Beyonce graphic t-shirt, $30;

Proenza Schouler PS1 extra large shoulder bag, $2,350;

Military size duffle bag, $19;

Images: @voguemagazine/Twitter; Giphy (3); Courtesy Retailers (7)