13 Geometric Nails That Will Make You Want To Freshen Up Your Mathematic Skills

Nail art is one beauty trend that's not about to disappear any time soon. From fancy floral fingers to Lisa Frank inspired nails, it's become a pervasive accent on both the catwalk and the sidewalk, but if you tend to skew more logical than emotional (and still want to polish up your piggies) then now's the perfect time for you to get a new angle on your manicure with geometric nail art.

Growing up, I hated math class with a passion. I struggled to understand and was horrendously bored with the content all at once, and once we passed simple grade school equations, my grades took a nose dive. It was only when I finally took a geometry class in high school that everything began to take shape for me. I learned about the Fibonacci Spiral, and fractals, and tessellations; things that I could truly see, instead of the abstract imaginary numbers that previously plagued me in middle school. Regardless if it's my fondness for geometry class or I just want to show off my right angle, I love me a good geometric print manicure.

Whether you don't know a hypotenuse from a hippopotamus or you were captain of your high school's mathlete team, these gorgeous geometric nails are going to motivate you to get in shape. Keep scrolling for some graphic digit inspo — from circles and squares to triangles and polygons — that will have you thinking outside of (and inside of) the box.

1. Nailartbyevelyn

See the world in black and white with a monochromatic manicure.

2. Vallinails

Glam gold glitter ombre gets an angular touch up with a few edgy accent nails.

3. Emeraldnails.poway

Find yourself in a love triangle with these three-pointed pops of color.

4. Thenailtrail

Keep things simple with two contrasting pastel shades for a quick and easy two-toned mani.

5. Dallasbeautynails

A combo of studs and stripes take this mani from basic to bold.

6. Patiipau

These detailed accent nails would make print-genius Mara Hoffman jealous.

7. Nailn8r

Make the cubists (and art teachers) of the world proud with these Homage To The Square inspired digits.

8. She_nails

Make your digits into an art museum with this marvelous modern manicure.

9. Fee1987

Dress up an existing manicure with simplistic zigzag lines.

10. Jemmypuddleduck

Teeny, tiny triangles are the perfect pop art twist on the traditional polka dot.

11. Electriknails

Get lost with an a-maze-ing design that's bound to hypnotize.

12. Stashhouseaz

Up your abstract factor with these Mondrian-inspired nails.

13. Ghettonailz_luluview

Let the modern art world's influence take hold with these gorgeous geo nails, inspired by graphic artist Camille Walala.

Images: Liz Black (1), Nailartbyevelyn, Vallinails, Emeraldnails.poway, Thenailtrail, Dallasbeautylounge, Patiipau, Nailn8r, She_nails, Fee1987, Jemmypuddleduck, Electriknails, Stashhouseaz, Ghettonailz_luluview/Instagram