Prepare For 'Frozen' With These 7 Classic Disney Winter Scenes That Will Warm Your Heart

Disney's latest non-Pixar, animated masterpiece Frozen will hit theaters just in time for your holiday weekend on Wednesday, Nov. 27. The film, which boasts Tony award-winning Idina Menzel, Grammy award-winning Jonathan Groff, and everyone's favorite sloth-lover Kristen Bell in its cast is sure to give you the cozies.

So, to prepare you for the strikingly animated "eternal winter" in Frozen, we've rounded up some of Disney's best animated winter scenes over the years to warm your heart.

Image: Disney


Thumper teaching Bambi how to ice skate — if this doesn't make you feel warm and fuzzy, I don't know what could.

Image: Disney

'Beauty and the Beast'

Belle and the Beast falling in love while frolicking in the snow and feeding tiny birds. Romance.

Image: Disney

'101 Dalmatians'

The epic escape sequence in 101 Dalmatians featured a treacherous trip along an icy stream. With more than one adorable slip up.

Image: Disney

'Monsters Inc.'

The Abominable Snowman and his lemon-flavored snow cones helps Mike and Sully return from exile. Friendship in the snow.

Image: Disney


The visually stunning fairies of Fantasia skated icy patterns into the water. The most beautiful ice you've ever seen.

Image: Disney

'Lady and the Tramp'

Help, we want Jim Dear and Darling to adopt us so we can live in the wintery, holiday wonderland that is their house in the suburbs.

Image: Disney

'The Sword in the Stone'

My personal favorite and most epic use of snow in Disney's history, the triumphant ending of The Sword in the Stone.

Image: Disney