Cranston Wanted More 'Breaking Bad'

If you were one of the many... many people who wanted more Breaking Bad after the final credits finished rolling on screen, just know, Walter White agrees with you: In a new interview with Rolling Stone at last night's premiere of No Half Measures, a documentary based on the show's last season (which sounds like a cool watch), Bryan Cranston revealed that he wishes there was more Breaking Bad , and felt they could have done another season if they'd wanted.

"I'm kind of sad that we don't have another year to go, because I really thought that maybe we could do another 10 or 12 episodes," Cranston revealed, instantly breaking the hearts of every Breaking Bad fan in the world. "But it's better to be finished early and proud so that the fans and us say, 'I really miss that show' as opposed to saying, 'Is this show still on?' It's better to walk away at a high."

Yes, it's better, but let's be realistic Bryan Cranston — would anybody have ever asked "is that show still on?" in reference to Breaking Bad? No, not unless they were asking in an excited tone because they were just SO HAPPY the show was still around. Ugh, now all I can think about is what could have been if Breaking Bad had gotten another season. More breakfast with Walt Jr.!

There is some good news, though: Also present at the premiere was Vince Gilligan, who revealed that the upcoming Saul Goodman spinoff, Better Call Saul, is coming along nicely. According to Rolling Stone:

Gilligan did say that Breaking Bad writers are working on the script and that the pilot would air before the end of next year.

Who else votes for a scene with Walt Jr. in the background of some diner eating a waffle/pancake/bacon special? After all — it has been reported that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul may make cameos as Walter and Jesse in the new series. Why not R.J. Mitte as Walt Jr.? Listen. I just really wanted this guy to get some breakfast before his life went to shit and he found out his dad was a drug empire kingpin, OK?

Image: AMC