Topshop Reclaim Is Launching And It Marks The Brand's First Ever Sustainable Collection

H&M isn't the only big name retailer going eco-friendly - Topshop is launching a sustainable collection, so now we have even more options for protecting the environment and still looking stylish while doing so. Here's hoping even more follow in their footsteps.

Fashion has slowly but surely been taking more ethical and sustainable approaches to design, and now popular British clothing company, Topshop, is getting in on the eco-friendly action, launching its first ever sustainable fashion line. The collection, dubbed "Topshop Reclaim," features 20 new designs that were made from spare materials already in the brands leftover stock such as jersey, cotton, and denim. The new line is part of a collaboration with eco-friendly company, Reclaim to Wear.

“We are inspired to challenge textile waste across our product areas, whilst still creating versatile designs that are wardrobe essentials for our customers,” said Trish Clarke, Head of Technical Services at Topshop.

The new collection is made up of wardrobe essentials, and includes items such as 70's style button down dresses, printed blouses, camis, and skirts.

It will be available both online and in stores starting on Thursday, July 16th. To prepare you for the launch, check out some of the standout pieces.

Images: Getty Images; BazaarUK/Twitter, PasteMagazine/Twitter