The Secret To Perfect, Long-Wearing Lipstick

by Jessica Willingham

Lipstick is a bit of a pain: there's finding the perfect shade and formula for your lips, but then the ultimate beauty challenge of making it last all day and night. While it all seems like too much work, we promise there is a way to live and love the lipstick you're in! We found the one trick that keeps your lipstick looking great all day, and we promise it's worth the extra time and effort.

First thing's first: exfoliate your lips to remove dead skin and moisturize with a favorite lip balm. I suggest doing this before you start your makeup, and leaving the lipstick for last. By the time you've completed all makeup and are ready for the lipstick, wipe your lips completely clean of the balm.

Are you ready for the big secret? Here it is: the key to making your lipstick last is completely lining it with lipliner. Yes, skip the clown-like effect of just lining the edges of your lips. Instead, fill them in completely with a lip pencil that either matches your lipstick shade, or the shade of your natural lips.

Lining your lips with a lip liner creates a foundation for your lipstick. If you apply a lipstick directly to your lips, it will likely settle in the natural creases of your skin (no matter how expensive the tube is!). A lip liner acts as a barrier, and a second layer that will last through dinner and a smooch or two.

Below, I've rounded up the three most popular lip pencils for lining your lips.

1. NYX Cosmetics in Peekaboo Neutral

NYX Cosmetics in Peekaboo Neutral, $3.50,

2. MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil in Whirl

MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil in Whirl, $16.00,

3. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Lip Pencil in Tawny

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Lip Pencil, $23.00,

Image Credit: Kaboom_Pics/Pixabay