Jim & Darion Dance An Epic 'SYTYCD' Ballet Routine

Holy crap you guys, Travis Wall might be right. We may have seen the hardest routine ever to grace the So You Think You Can Dance stage. On Monday night's episode of SYTYCD, Jim and Darion performed a ballet routine that blew everyone out of the water thanks to its level of difficulty and strength. And what's really great is that the dancers nailed the routine. Obviously, it was going to be at least a little easier for Jim and Darion to take on such a insanely hard routine than most of the other dancers on both stage and screen considering they are both trained in ballet. But this was no walk in the park, choreographer Swan put Jim and Darion through the wire and the two came out winners. Will it be enough of a showcase to push the dancers through to the next round?

Honestly there's no doubt about it, these two are definitely safe for another week. The real question is whether or not they can continue to kill it in other styles of dance with the all-stars for weeks to come. Out of the two ballet boys, having two is a first on SYTYCD by the way, my money is on Jim as he seems to bring more energy and performance in his whole body than Darion. However, Darion's movement, in my opinion, is more interesting.

As for now, both boys really did nail their routine. SYTYCD Executive Producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe said that the routine reminded him of the Season 3 "two princes" routine between Danny and Neil, and in terms of the power he's absolutely right. Two guy dances are notoriously more powerful and entertaining, but the thing I loved about this ballet routine is that it was powerful, for sure, but it also had beautifully nuanced moments between the two dancers. And that's something that tends to be lacking in the first few rounds of SYTYCD competition.

I can't wait to see what else Jim and Darion can do in Season 12, they have so much potential and so many amazing challenges ahead of them. I truly believed that I would be firmly in the Team Street camp of Team Stage vs. Team Street, but after seeing some of the stage routines so far, my decision might already be wavering.

Images: Screenshot/FOX