FLOTUS Lists Some Of Her Favorite SYTYCD Routines

FLOTUS is just like us, you guys! She loves the same shows as us! On Monday night's episode of So You Think You Can Dance, the series showed us the all-star dancers' trip to the White House to perform at the 137th annual Easter Egg Roll. And because she's basically one of the coolest women ever, First Lady Michelle Obama joined the dancers onstage to perform a routine and get the crowd moving as part of her initiative combat childhood obesity. SYTYCD host Cat Deeley had the chance to also interview the First Lady about her love for So You Think You Can Dance, including asking about some of FLOTUS' favorite routines. And you guys, she has a serious love for this show. She is a true fan.

Not only did First Lady Obama list her some of the routines she enjoyed from the most recent seasons — she picked Season 11's "Good Kisser" routine and Season 10's incredible "Run The World" Hip Hop number with Jasmine Harper — she even dug deep into SYTYCD's history and named the "Gravity" routine from Season 5 as one of her top favorites. Best thing about these choices, she picked some of the most eclectic and awe-inspiring numbers from the show. She really knows her stuff!

In honor of First Lady Obama's awesome taste in SYTYCD dances, I have a few more that I'm sure she has enjoyed over the last 10 years from the series.

1. Season 2's Park Bench Dance

Definitely considered to be one of the best numbers (and one of the best pieces of Mia Michaels choreography) on the show.

2. Season 3's Table Dance

Neil's gymnastics and Sabra's everything make for the perfect combination in this Mandy Moore Jazz number.

3. Season 7's "Fix You" Dance

What Robert and Allison are able to do here is extraordinary. Travis Wall proved to be an incredible choreography talent.

4. Season 8's Wall Dance

Sasha might be one of my favorite SYTYCD dancers of all time.

5. Season 10's Bell Hop Dance

How cute are Amy and Fik-Shun?! This is just one of their many amazing routines together.