The 'Suicide Squad' Trailer Song Sets The Tone

by Kadeen Griffiths

I don't know about you, but I'm still reeling from the Suicide Squad trailer unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con. If I wasn't already going to watch this movie for Harley Quinn's feature film debut, then I would be eager to watch it now for, well, the actual plot. The trailer was a mash-up of action scenes, character introductions, and dark, gritty moments that will haunt us for the rest of the week — not to mention Jared Leto's admirable take on the Joker that was more magnificent than any of us could have hoped, despite how brief it was. However, in the background of all those great scenes was a creepy melody setting the tone for the entire trailer, and I know I'm not alone in wondering: what is the song in the Suicide Squad trailer?

It appears that DC took a page out of Marvel's book when it came to this trailer, minus the UNLAWFUL RUINING OF CHILDHOODS by repurposing a Disney song. The lyrics you're hearing as Harley Quinn, Enchantress, and the rest make a mess all over the world is a slow, creepy cover of the Bee Gees "I Started A Joke," as sung by a female artist. While the artist has yet to be identified, the dulcet tones with which she sings, "I started a joke which started the whole world crying. But I didn’t see that the joke was on me" will pretty much stay with you all day long. I'm sure that when the Bee Gees released this song back in 1968, they had no idea that it would one day be used as the soundtrack over which a bunch of criminals would try to save the world to get out of jail time, but hey. That's just proof of how timeless it is.

Being that this is the Internet, the cover version of the song is already available to be listened to on YouTube, while we wait and hope that it is released on iTunes or Spotify as an advance gift from the Suicide Squad soundtrack. Even listening to the song without the visuals of the trailer will still cause goosebumps to rise on your arms, it's just that haunting. On the bright side, at least it's not a song from Pinocchio preventing you from ever watching that Disney movie again, right?

Check out the cover below, and then watch the trailer again — as if you needed an excuse.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures