Taylor Swift & Lorde Perform "Royals" Onstage Wearing Black & White, Because Opposites Attract

In her vast world of beautiful and famous BFFs, Taylor Swift is most often twinning with fellow tall blonde Karlie Kloss. But when Taylor Swift and Lorde performed "Royals" onstage together in contrasting black and white, it was once again clear how opposite their fashion senses are. Each singer has her own unique look and knows what works for her.

Fashion opposites attract and besties needn't be carbon copies!

When Lorde joined her good pal onstage at the Washington, DC stop of the 1989 Tour, she wore a studded, high collar, sleeveless top and high-waisted trousers. Her ensemble was all black and way sophisticated.

Swift, on the other hand, was wearing a strapless bandeau and high-waisted shorts in white, with black garter belts. Her outfit was utilitarian for her performance, but also sexy.

These two could not be more opposite in terms of look and sound. That's what I love about their friendship. They are glorious style opposites, but they clearly love and respect one another. Just look at their ear-to-ear smiles in the photo from the performance.

Swift has been inviting her celeb pals to join her onstage all along the tour. But it's her friendship and her pairing with Lorde that stands out the most.

So adorbs.

This isn't the only time they've been fashion opposites. Yes, they may rub off one one another a wee bit, but they never do the total twinsies thing.

1. Red Lips

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The only similarity here is their shared red lip! Lorde was baring her tummy in a black and white bra top ensemble, which is sexier than usual for her, while T. Swizzle donned a lemon yellow frock.

2. All Black Attack

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sure, both wore LBOs with long sleeves. The "O" is for outfit, since Lorde's ensemble could be a top and a skirt. But each had a totally different styling. Lorde went with a solid and simple black outfit. Swift's dress had more dimension and a spot-like, shiny pattern.

3. Okay, So They Have Twinned A Little

They each wore a knotted denim top and black bottoms, so they were almost twinning. But they each added some opposite touches. Lorde went with a skirt, while Swift opted for her beloved high-waisted shorts.

4. Boho Chic vs. Tomboy

Swift wore a boho chic red dress with a floppy hat, while Lorde opted for a cream message tee and brown jeans. They weren't on the same fashion path, but both were way chic.

5. Juicy

Sipping on juice while Swift wore a print and Lorde opted for stripes.

6. Aprons

They wore matching black aprons, but Lorde chose a lacy, spaghetti strap top while Swift went with something crisper and stiffer.

7. Casual Differences

Lorde was majorly casual with jeans and a black and white striped top while Swift went a little more structured with a white top and tan shorts.

Lorde and Taylor Swift continue to show us how fashion opposites attract. They also provide some pretty sweet style inspo.

Images: Taylor Swift/Instagram (6); Getty (2)