How It Feels When Your Phone Is Dying

It's fun to joke about the anxiety that spikes when you note your phone's rapidly draining battery. "Oh yeah! I can't function without my phone," we kid, fooling no one. "When it dies, I literally die also." Again, the comedic facade is unconvincing and we are legit in panic mode. Those feel you feel when your phone is dying are scary ones.

My first-ever boyfriend likened his cell phone (a thing I did not have at the moment) to an "electronic leash." He totally hated it and when I got one with a very bare bones texting plan, I kinda got it. It was helpful for coordinating plans and not much else. Maybe for cheating during math tests — I mean.

Catching a glimpse of my phone at 40 percent when heading out for the day inspires a special kind of meltdown. In an effort to temper these and — y'know — attempt to live my life, I've scattered chargers throughout my tiny universe. In my car, in my backpack, in my purse, by my desk—and if the wall mount isn't included, at least there's a tether. Because when my phone dies, I feel like my portal to the outside world crumbles to a close also. What if someone needs me? What if it's an emergency? What if I get a highly choice match on Tinder and I cannot know of it immediately? It's scary, like I said, how we feel when our phones die, especially when we're expecting someone hot to get in touch with us.

First, we note the reality

Say, you make plans with a new cutie on your radar. (By...calling them? If you call a person you're not already familiar with, it can be off-putting. I gave a cute pizza boy my number about a year ago and when he called to make a date, he lost elevendy-billion points. It was too much.) They're about to call you back in just a shake, which is cool, but—THE BATTERY.

Then, the hunt

In an office setting—especially one bursting with millennials like BuzzFeed—surely has at least one appropriate phone charger hidden within its bowels, right? I know this desperate quest way too well.

The high alert

9-11! 9-11!

The bliss-out

Plugging a dead phone into a charger is one of the largest reliefs I know.

Experience the all-too-familiar struggle in the whole video below:

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