9 Ways To Wear Denim Cutoffs For Every Event You Have To Go To This Summer

Nothing quite says "summer" like a pair of cutoff jean shorts. They're comfortable, easy to wear, and go with pretty much everything you already have in your closet. Plus, the verdict is out, and you can officially wear cutoffs at any age, so forget any fashion "rules" you've heard. They're all BS, anyway. And denim cutoffs go with pretty much anything — a necessary closet staple. Since you will now only need one pair of shorts for the rest of the summer, it's important to consider a few things when selecting the perfect pair. Length and rise are the two biggest factors in determining what you will feel most comfortable with. Try out a variety of styles to figure out what you feel your best in, and don't be afraid to experiment with different pairs! The more you try, the easier it is to find the perfect pair.

Furthermore, comfort is key. Since you're going to be doing so many activities in your cutoffs, you'll want to pick out a pair that is easy to move around in. Pro tip: Order them a size or two bigger than what you normally wear for extra comfort. Here's 10 different ways to wear your denim cutoffs to whatever event you're headed to this summer.

1. To An Outdoor Concert

Nothing quite says "music festival style" like a pair of cutoff shorts paired with a flowy top and slouchy, bohemian accessories. Pair your short shorts with thigh-high gladiator sandals (one of the summer's hottest trends) to make your legs look extra long.

2. Hiking

Who says there's no room for fashion in this ultra-outdoorsy activity? Wear your super comfy cutoffs with a loose tank top (to keep you from sweating), a wide-brimmed hat, and comfy sneakers or hiking boots. You'll be looking chic in your Instagram from the top of the mountain.

3. To A Barbecue

Perfect the "All-American-Girl" look (because what, after all, is more American than a summer barbecue?) with a red, white, and blue ensemble, complete with Western-inspired accessories.

4. For An Afternoon Of Wine Tasting

What better way to spend a summer Saturday than sampling rosé? Dress up your cutoffs with a pair of chunky heels and a structured white shirt, and throw on a breezy trench to keep you warm when touring those cool, damp wine cellars. Cheers!

5. To A Pool Party

After Taylor Swift's epic Fourth of July event, pool party style has been elevated to a whole new level. The easiest way to keep your look classy, in and out of the water? Simply pop your shorts on over a colorful one piece. Posing with one of these oversized floats (which are everywhere these days) is also a must.

6. To Hang on a Boat

Step 1: Make a friend who has a boat. Step 2: Wear a neutral bikini under your cutoffs, a breezy long-sleeve shirt and a pair of non-flip-flop sandals, so you can go straight from the boat to the bar once happy hour hits.

7. To The Beach

There is no better place for your short-shorts than the beach. They're easy to pull on and off, and look super cute when worn, even with just a bikini. If you absolutely need a top, opt for a lace or crochet version that will still show off your suit (just watch out for weird tan lines).

8. To Brunch

Stuck in the city on a weekend in the summer? There's always brunch to cheer you up! Spice up your jorts look with a pair of booties and oversized sunglasses, and treat yourself to a mimosa.

9. To A Rooftop Party

Jean shorts, stilettos, and a teeny white top? Hello, hottest girl at the party.

Images: anja_rubik, mirandakerr, sincerelyjules, jamiejchung, songofstyle, tuulavintage, whitneybearr, chiaraferragni, rumineely/Instagram