Is Drake Going To The ESPYs?

Where in the world is Aubrey Graham? Well, as I'm sure you've seen by way of meme, he was hanging around, probably sipping tea and eating crumpets in London while he was in town for Wimbledon. So, now that he's no longer being "Sad Drake" at the hallowed sporting even, on Wednesday, July 15, will Drake make an appearance at the ESPY Awards? It'd be a fairly good guess to think that he would be in attendance, right? After all, Drizzy hosted the awards show last year. Shouldn't he come back for a proper encore?

Well, maybe the answer is not as cut and dry as it seems. You see, if he is, in fact, coming, he probably isn't taking the stage. E! Online lists the 2015 ESPY Awards' host as Joel Mchale, and relays that the following celebrities and sports players will be presenting,

"Mike Epps (Survivor's Remorse), Julie Foudy (analyst/retired professional soccer player), Ed Helms (Vacation), Andre Iguodala(Golden State Warriors), LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers), Chris Long (St. Louis Rams), Danica Patrick (NASCAR driver), Richard Sherman (Seattle Seahawks), Britney Spears, Kiefer Sutherland, Vince Vaughn and J.J. Watt (Houston Texans)."

Yep, no Drake, Drizzy, Aubrey, or Mr. Graham anywhere to be seen on that list. It's a total bummer for sure, which prompted me to do some further inspections. Unfortunately, after digging around, I couldn't find any definitive evidence on whether Drake would be at this year's ESPY Awards or not. So, I suppose there is hope for you yet, Drake fans. After all, E! Online did say that in addition to the presenters list, "An even bigger cast of celebrities will be in attendance." Who knows, maybe Jimmy Brooks' alter ego is included in that "cast."

Though, it should be noted that Serena Williams is nominated. And, um, if you've been keeping up on your Wimbledon gossip news, rumors flew that Williams and Drake may have hooked up during the event. Jezebel sites "questionable source" Times Live as saying that the two were, in fact, smooching in the clubhouse. So, forgive me for hoping that she might show up with Drake on her arm. Stranger things have happened. In the meantime, though, if you're missing Drake something fierce, just follow suit with this post and hug it out.

See? All better. Now you can be truly zen about Drake's ambiguous ESPY plans.

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