Nev's Got a New 'Catfish' Side Hustle

It was only a matter of time before this happened: Nev Schulman has picked up a book deal. According to Deadline, the Catfish: The TV Show creator and host has signed a deal with Hachette to release his first book, which is set to be titled — wait for it — In Real Life. Because, get it? He hosts a show completely about people's adventures in online dating, and initially became famous because he himself was tricked into believing he was dating someone that didn't actually exist? GET IT? Anyone?


Anyway, as Mike Fleming Jr. of Deadline explains, Schulman "will write about his continuing exploration of relationships in the digital age." This added note in Deadline's post is also hilarious, and I am currently trying to figure out whether or not it's a subtle burn or not: "I didn’t foresee Schulman turning all this into a career, but kids (mine included) sure do love that show."

Despite Schulman's major success, it is worth mentioning that when Catfish was released in 2010, there were many rumors that the entire film was staged — but, of course, Schulman has denied this vehemently, so it must be true.

Anyway, the book is set to be released in fall, 2014, thus cementing Nev Schulman's status as a real-life dude who legitimately got famous because of online dating. This is how you make money in the age of millennias. Now here's a GIF of Schulman's adorable Catfish: The TV Show co-host, Max Joseph. If they just put this guy's face on the cover of Schulman's book, I will buy it.