How Many Emmys Has 'Game Of Thrones' Won? Not Nearly As Many As The Show Has Been Nominated For

With Emmy nominations coming up on Jul. 16, it's time to start mentally preparing ourselves for the haul that Game of Thrones is going to rake in. Obviously we won't know for sure how absurd it's gonna be until the official announcement, but, if history is any indicator, it's gonna be quite a heap. Which brings me to the question: just how many Emmys does Game of Thrones have? It was a piece of information I didn't know off the top of my head, and I probably would have believed any number between zero and 100, given how wacky their choices have been in the past. (Just a reminder that Tatiana Maslany has never even been nominated for her mind-blowing portrayal of multiple clones of varying personalities and appearances on Orphan Black.)

But, as it turns out, the actual number of Emmy Awards that GoT has walked away with is actually pretty reasonable: a nice round 10. It's been nominated for 42 in the four ceremonies since its first in 2011, and has racked up wins across multiple categories, everything from Outstanding Supporting Actor in A Drama Series in for Peter Dinklage in 2011, to Creative Arts categories in costuming, visual effects, makeup, art direction, and title page design from 2011 to 2014. They also have four consecutive nominations in the category of Outstanding Drama Series, which seems to be their white whale, and have not yet pulled in any awards for writing, directing, or any of the highly-deserving female actors, although Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey, and Diana Rigg have all been nominated.

But, after what we saw them pull off this season, here's hoping that this is their year, and we can get some more names on the board in the acting department. Just make sure we don't throw any Kit Harrington's way just so he has more reasons to come back from the dead (and back to the show!) in Season 6.

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