Can Benedict Cumberbatch Win An Emmy In 2015? Nope, But Lord Help Me Because He Deserves One Anyway

Benedict Cumberbatch is arguably the best part of award shows. Whether or not the actor wins an award, his red carpet moments are ones for the books and his appearance alone often causes a media frenzy. And with the 2015 Emmys slowly approaching, you might remember feeling bummed that the English star was not able to attend the 2014 Emmys last year. Even so, Cumberbatch still ended up winning an Emmy, for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie. So some fans might be wondering if it is possible for Benedict Cumberbatch to win an Emmy in 2015 as well...

Unfortunately, as it turns out, Cumberbatch is not eligible for an Emmy this year. I know, I know. This is devastating news. But let's just think about this: The Emmy he won last year was for Sherlock. And of course, as all Sherlock fans know, Cumberbatch and company have not put together a new season for the show since the last Emmy awards ceremony. After all, the fourth season has been in production for some time and it was only recently that the teaser trailer for it was released. However, Cumberbatch fans can probably all agree that despite these facts, Cumberbatch still deserves an Emmy anyway, just for being his awesome self. (You don't acquire the fortitude to whether years between Sherlock seasons without a dash of cheery delusion.) For the sake of fun and hyperbolic speculation, here are a few reasons why Cumberbatch still deserves an Emmy.

For That Sherlock Teaser Trailer Alone

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Just check out his stunning entrance (coming out of a horse-drawn carriage, no less!). The sight of Sherlock back on set is further enhanced by his smooth delivery of lines and his drag of the pipe, amidst the flurries of snow. Just try not to hit "refresh" too many times.

For His Most Important Roles Yet

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Cumberbatch wed Sophie Hunter in a fabulous Valentine's Day wedding earlier this year. On top of that, the two also announced that they were expecting their first child together. Since then, Hunter has given birth, and they have been quietly enjoying the early times with their little bundle of joy. It's obvious that Cumberbatch is putting forth a lot of energy into his wife and child, while also maintaining a level of privacy for them, which is a very admirable thing. There's an Emmy for that, right?

For His Always-Ready TV Style

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It is nearly impossible to imagine Cumberbatch in sweatpants and an old ratty T-shirt. Maybe that is because he is rarely seen in anything less than the most impeccable outfits, with, of course, a camera ready glance to match. Can Perfect Television Style be added as a temporary category just this once?

For Just A Chance At An Epic Photobomb

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You know you were thinking the same thing.

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