5 Things You Shouldn't Lie To Your Doctor About

by Emily McClure

Please don't lie to your doctor. As the great John Mayer once said, your body is a wonderland, and you have nothing to be ashamed of. However, why do we suddenly feel embarrassed when we step into a doctor's office? Confessing any oddities about your body may seem like a private thing, but your doctor needs to know if anything is off. It's a doctor's job to take note if anything is off track with your health. Mentioning that you are in pain or that something may be wrong is completely normal and encouraged. I mean, why else did you make that doctor's appointment?

Don't think of your doctor as someone who is there to judge you. They have seen absolutely everything, and there is no way that your problem is the weirdest. Relax, and be honest with your doctor. They are there to make sure that you are leading the healthiest life possible. What could be better than that? I know it may seem like you need to keep a few things to yourself, but the more details you can give your doctor, the better. How else are they going to diagnose you when they don't know all of the facts? Wondering what things your doctor may need to know about? Here are a few things that you should never lie to your doctor about.

1. Smoking

Even the occasional cigarette needs to be noted by your doctor. You may not consider yourself a smoker, but your doctor doesn't see it that way. When it comes to smoking, it completely changes the way the doctor sees your health. Your doctor can't accurately diagnose you if they don't know all of the facts. Confessing to the occasional cigarette is the only way your doctor can ensure an appropriate treatment plan.

2. Your Sex Life

Whether you last had sex five minutes ago or five years ago, your doctor needs to know about your sex life. Don't worry. Doctors have much bigger issues than judging you about your sexual activities. Being honest is the only way they can accurately do their job. Is something going wrong down there? Does something feel off? Speak up! There are no dumb questions when it comes to your health.

3. What Actually Hurts

Don't be a hero. Tell your doctor if something hurts. Does it feel like your being stabbed in the shoulder every time you move your arm? Yeah, you should probably tell someone. Suffering through the pain is just ridiculous.

4. Any Herbs Or Supplements

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It may seem impractical, but your doctor should know about any supplements, herbs, or vitamins that you take. There are many supplements out there that can interfere with prescription medication. To avoid any medicinal mishaps, make sure to keep your doctor aware of everything you are taking.

5. Bathroom Issues

Changes in your bathroom activities need to be noted by your doctor. When your body cannot eliminate waste properly, then it's usually a sign of illness. Keep your doctor updated if you notice any changes in your body functions.

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