15 Books As Exciting as Gillian Flynn's Novels, Because It's Time To Expand Your Reading Horizons

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You've read and reread Gone Girl about a dozen times, and by now, you've probably seen the movie adaptation over and over, too. Your copy of Sharp Objects is tattered, the edges curling thanks to the sweaty-palm-enducing suspense of the irresistible thriller. We all know that the twisted family history that is Dark Places is next on your TBR list — even though you've already torn through it — because you need to revisit it before seeing Charlize Theron take on the role of Libby Day in the film version (due out in the U.S. on August 7.) Just admit it: You're totally obsessed with Gillian Flynn.

Don't worry, I'm not judging you, I promise. A huge fan myself, I know that Gillian Flynn's novels are about as addicting as pizza, but what is a reader to do when she's exhausted all of her Flynn-written reading options? It's time to put down your three favorite thrillers (for now) and turn your attention to new, exciting reading opportunities. Because, yes, there are other books out there for you. And luckily, I've rounded some of them up so you don't have to.

I swear on my hardcover copy of Gone Girl, here are 15 books as exciting as Gillian Flynn's novels:

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