Donald Trump Tweeted What?!

Thought Donald Trump and his raging Twitter presence couldn't get any worse? Brace yourself: On Tuesday, the Daily Beast reported, Donald Trump tweeted a photo of Nazi soldiers alongside the American flag, apparently by accident — because, in spite of his racially-charged views, I cannot believe he would do this on purpose — with the caption "We need real leadership. We need results." Yeah. That's exactly as awkward as you think it is. The Tweet has since been deleted, because duh.

"#MakeAmericaGreatAgain" was how Trump captioned the image. Seriously. Is anyone else starting to believe his entire Presidential run is just a big practical joke on the United States of America?

In the Tweet, Donald Trump's face is superimposed onto the American flag, alongside an image of the White House (because that's where he wants to go), a pile of currency (because he's rich — did you know that, world?), and, um, Nazi soldiers. The pictured soldiers are members of the SS, the military branch of Nazi Germany. "We need real leadership," the image insists in bold capitals. "We need results."

"Let's put the U.S. back into business," the imagine continues, apparently unironically. If you've been waiting for a time to use the term "smh," it is now. Here's an image of the Tweet, as per The Daily Beast:

If you think about it, the expression Trump is wearing on the American flag is fitting. It's exactly the face I imagine Trump made when someone — his PR person, perhaps, whom I imagine to be considering their resignation right about now — said, "Um, Mr. Trump? Those men in the image intended to convey patriotism? They're Nazis."

Then, Trump made this face.

It is one of the only Tweets Trump has seen fit to delete from his rambling, offensive feed. I suppose this indicates some sort of awareness about Nazi Germany not being an ideology one wants to emulate as leader of the free world, which I'm ... glad he knows.

Image: Twitter/realDonaldTrump