'Charlie & the Chocolate Factory' Is Terrifying

Tim Burton is famous for making fantastical, whimsical, and oftern macabre films that are high on visual wonder... and Johnny Depp. It was 10 years ago that Burton's adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was released and it remains one of the scariest children's movies ever made. The original film, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, which starred Gene Wilder as the titular candy man had its moments of fright, but had a chewy candy center. This update on the other hand was a little more sour than it was sweet. Depp not only looks like an eccentric mortician, he sounds like an evil Teddy Ruxpin. If this movie were billed as a horror film, it probably would have been better received.

In fact, I have some cold hard proof that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory actually is a horror film. It's not just in the small details, like how Wonka keeps the factory hot for his workers (you know, to remind them that they're in hell). There are also some major glaring moments that have "nightmares" written all over them. The next time you watch this movie, turn the lights off and wait til midnight. Go on, I dare you.

Here's are the most striking signs that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is actually a horror movie. Read on... IF YOU DARE!

1. Well First of All, This Guy Lures Children Into His Home With Candy


2. There Were A Lot of Drugs Happening


3. Violet Turns Into A Blueberry

While menacing music plays in the background!

4. Cannibalism Is On The Menu

Are you Hannibal Lecter?

5. I'm Fairly Certain Johnny Depp Is Wearing Rubber Gloves

You know, for murdering.

6. Willy Wonka Does Nothing To Help Save A Drowning Child

Death by chocolate, indeed.

7. There Are Very Clear Signs That Willy Wonka Is A Sociopath

Like a lack of empathy, for example.

8. These Dolls Are Definitely Going To Set You On Fire While You Sleep


9. Veruca Gets Carried To An Incinerator by Squirrels


Images: Warner Bros, Giphy (5)