7 Feminist Tumblrs You'll Fall In Love With

Tumblr is useful for activists of all kinds. The site hosts countless awesome photos, drawings, and essays carrying messages geared towards various social justice issues. In fact, some of the most popular feminist memes have come from Tumblr, such as the unparalleled Feminist Ryan Gosling (R.I.P.), which reappropriated one of the most beautiful male faces in Hollywood to discuss issues facing women today. There are thousands of excellent feminist users on Tumblr, so it could take forever to sift through and find some of the best ones out there.

Well fear not, because I have undertaken this daunting but thoroughly educational and enlightening task, and found some feminist gems on Tumblr that you may not have heard of before. During my search, I was impressed by much of what I found. So many users are going far out of their way to educate all of us about further marginalized groups of women, which speaks to the rising recognition of intersectionality within feminism. Some other blogs were absolutely hilarious and creative in their approach to making feminism accessible and lighthearted (while recognizing that the struggle is very real).

Prepare to be amazed by some of the fabulous feminists behind these kick-ass Tumblrs.

Women In Animation

Heck yes! The mission of Women In Animation, according to the site, is to bring "together a global community of animation professionals to empower and support women in the art, science and business of animation by increasing access to resources, creating opportunities for education, encouraging strong connections between individuals, and inspiring excellence."

This Tumblr has a bunch of really great essays about women in the field of animation, including comics and gaming. It's perfect for the nerd girl in all of us to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes of some of our favorite media, and also an excellent resource for women working in this field who want a supportive online community.

Who Needs Feminism?

I absolutely love this Tumblr. Who Needs Feminism? posts user-submitted reasons that feminism is necessary. Some of the responses are simple and obvious, but powerful at the same time. The most recent entry is a photo of a handwritten note that reads "I need feminism because I am not allowed to go on late night runs alone!" Others highlight the frustration and shame that can come with being a woman who does not conform to stereotypical notions of what comprises femininity: "I need feminism because when I told a friend I was asexual he asked why I even wore makeup and that I was leading guys on by making them think I wanted sex with them." Who Needs Feminism? is a great place for women to come when they feel alone in the feminist struggle, and to get inspired by the strength of other women.

Black Feminist Killjoy

Black Feminist Killjoy posts a combination of essays, tweets, Facebook conversations, and photos to her Tumblr, all calling attention primarily to the intersection of race and feminism in America. The blog's creator, Shaki Obadina, critiques capitalism, as well as misogyny and racism, with a feminist lens. Black Feminist Killjoy is a great reminder that feminism needs to include women who are marginalized due to their race, socio-economic standing, and myriad other forms of oppression.

Feminism Is For Lovers

Feminism Is For Lovers began as a public art campaign in Brooklyn. The artists involved would place "feminism is for lovers" stickers on advertisements and other signage in order to "to respond to oppressive messaging in the streets or to highlight historical landmarks in the struggle for freedom and equal rights." The Tumblr is filled with images of "empowerment cards" that are designed in the same vein as the original stickers with empowering messages for women, and tons of reblogged feminist images and quotes. The Tumblr is no longer actively updated, but the archives are worth checking out.

Feminist Lisa Frank

Think feminists are uptight and always serious? Think again. Feminist Lisa Frank on Tumblr is the perfect example of feminists taking the work seriously, but also understanding that sometimes it's okay to laugh. Pairing old-school Lisa Frank images with quotes from famous women's rights activists and other more general feminist sentiments, this Tumblr is the perfect pick-me-up when you feel like you just can't read another depressing news piece about the status of women.

Nursing Roar

This Tumblr is most likely unlike any that you've seen before. Nursing Roar is the blog of a trans* woman in nursing school who copes with her own chronic illnesses. Her entries are primarily whip-smart essays that criticize the healthcare system in the U.S., and also narrate her experience in the field of health care, where the mere existence of trans* folks is sometimes erased. The blog is very honest and open, and incredibly informative for those of us who may not be as familiar with the experiences of trans* people.

Feminist Ryan Gosling

This is probably my all-time favorite feminist Tumblr. The blog is no longer maintained (such a bummer), but the amount of amazing feminist quotes and ideas paired with beautiful snapshots of Ryan Gosling are too good to resist. Feminist Ryan Gosling demonstrates yet again that there is room for humor in the feminist movement, and that feminism is very (very, very, very) sexy.

Images: Cory Doctorow /Flickr; Screenshots: Women In Animation, Who Needs Feminism?, Feminist Lisa Frank, Feminism Is For Lovers, Nursing Roar, Black Feminist Killjoy, Feminist Ryan Gosling/Tumblr