How Does The 'Secrets And Wives' Cast Stay Such Good Friends? Andi, Liza, & Cori Reveal How They Stay #FriendshipGoals

At this point, we know the formula for reality TV — especially when the series centers on a group of women — put them together and get their drama to get the best of them. We've seen it over and over again with the Real Housewives. But, thankfully, the cast of Secrets and Wives , know a thing or two about not letting the cameras and "the incestuous bubble of a community" that they live in, as star Cori Goldfarb describes it, break up their friendship. Goldfarb and her BFFs and costars Andi Black and Liza Sandler dish to Bustle that the key to maintaining their strong friendship is the fact that they're all "strong, independent women" and that they understand how sisterly love works.

"We’re like sisters," Black tells Bustle, "You know, you fight with your sister, you HATE her and you want to KILL her, and then, like, 10 minutes later, you’re like, ‘Come on, let’s go get lunch.’" And, it's that resiliency and lack of grudge-holding that's kept this group close — especially Black and Sandler, who spend more time attached at the hip than not. "We do a lot of eating," Sandler chimes in, "A lot of laughing and a lot of eating." All three women agree that they're close and it's part of what makes them different from the other women on reality TV — well, that, and the fact that they're relatable.

"Anyone who has friends that are so close can actually see themselves in each one of us," Black says of what's made fans fall in love with the Secrets and Wives cast. And it's their different personalities, different paths, and different romantic situations that work to their advantage on the show and in life. "We’re all in separate chapters of our lives — reinventing ourselves — we’re all going through different things," Goldfarb says, "but we can all lean on one another." It keeps them close, the founder of Truth + Beauty Spa says, "Your best friends, they tell it to you like it is. Good or bad. And we’re able to go much deeper because of that connection that we have."

But the real difference between Secrets and Wives and Bravo's other reality series, Black explains, is that they actually are best friends and that they're having a great time with this show. "We had a really good time filming this. It was a little awkward at first, but we all got used to the cameras because we’re all hams," Black says, "And we’re all very strong women, if you couldn't tell — and whenever you have strong women it’s a lot of fun, a lot of fighting, and a lot of loving." This crew is nothing short of #friendshipgoals — now just let me go pack my bags and run off to Long Island.

Image: Barbara Nitke/Bravo