Fan Reactions To Louis Tomlinson Baby News Range From Excitement To Straight Up, Unmanageable Panic

Hoo boy, things are happening. People broke the news on Tuesday that certified "heartthrob" (just reporting what I hear) from One Direction, Louis Tomlinson, is going to be a dad. A father! Babies having babies! I guess that's unfair of me to say— at age 23, Tomlinson isn't technically a kid anymore; he's just got a baby face. But regardless of his age, it's clear that we cannot go one day without One Direction causing a panic that surges across the Internet. Fans on Twitter are already expressing their shock, some feeling elated, some like, really really ridiculously betrayed.

The baby news: Louis Tomlinson is expecting a baby with Briana Jungwirth, according to a report from People. The 23-year old stylist met the One Direction member earlier this year, and as their story goes, they are technically just good friends. Yet, a mutual friend told People that the baby is supposedly on their way sometime next year.

Twitter really does not know what to make of this and the reactions out there are super mixed. Many are congratulatory, many are panicked and angry, and many people just seem SO exhausted by all of the One Direction drama that has been raining like cats and dogs since Zayn left the band. But the best responses, in one entertainment writer's humble opinion, are the desperate pleas for answers from Tomlinson himself. A lot of people are tweeting directly at Louis, asking him to show himself and provide answers to his demanding fans.

"Get online please," some ask nicely. "Explain this mess," some say... not so nicely. In the meantime, I think everyone should calm down a little bit—the new dad to be is probably very overwhelmed at the moment — unless this is a hoax. Maybe he really does need to get online and explain himself.

And friends, be warned. There's a lot of CAPS LOCK screaming happening here:

Where are you, Louis? Twitter wants answers.