Twitter Is Sure The 1D Pregnancy News Is Fake

Can we go back to Monday, when the biggest One Direction news was Harry Styles telling us not to go to Sea World? What an innocent time that was, you guys. We have bigger fish to fry, now that it was recently announced that Louis Tomlinson is going to be a Dad with Briana Jungwirth. That's right, the stylist and friend of the band member is pregnant. First of all, who? Second of all, what? Everything is all happening way too fast, as Louis and the Jungwirth have only been seen together since May and were never officially dating by media standards. Now they're going to be parents? Go comfort your nearest "Larry" shipper, because this is majorly devastating news.

Or is it devastating? There are a lot of Directioners on Twitter right now who are convinced that this is fake. Is this some kind of sick joke? Could it be a media sham? A way for Briana Jungwirth to achieve 15 minutes of fame? One Direction fans are pretty good at dominating Twitter during their times of need, and this pregnancy news proves it once again. Here are some choice tweets from fans spinning webs to sustain their denial.

I totally get it. I put off showering when I thought Marvel was going to reveal the Spider-Man casting.

Wait, what does Zayn have to do with this?

Thanks Denise!

Blame the management, always.


Tumblr, always a good place for good theories.

I "pove" them too.

Bieber comparisons do come to mind.

This is an old tweet, but TimeHop is prime for conspiracy theory fodder. I love it! This has happened before! Trust no one, Directioners. Trust no one.