Briana Jungwirth's Alleged Twitter is Telling

In recent news that stopped the hearts of One Direction fans everywhere, Louis Tomlinson is reportedly going to be a father. According to People, Tomlinson and his "close friend," 23-year-old stylist Briana Jungwirth, are allegedly expecting a child together (Bustle has reached out to Tomlinson’s reps for comment, but has not yet heard back). A source speaking exclusively with the publication dropped a lot of details about the reported situation, like how the two are feeling about the situation, and whether or not Tomlinson will be moving to be closer to the LA-based Jungwirth’s side. But, if you’re anything like me, you’re skeptical of these sources and “friends” who spill all of their mate’s personal details. You know what I prefer to do? Go directly to the source. So, instead of reading through quotes by unnamed sources, I went straight to Jungwirth’s alleged Twitter page and found it full of plenty enough possible proof that something may be going on. Specifically, the cryptic tweets she posted as this news broke in People.

The couple, who, according to the source in People, "aren’t in a relationship," are reportedly "very, very close friends." Since Tomlinson split with his longterm girlfriend Eleanor Calder back in March 2015, he and Jungwirth were spotted out together a number of times beginning in May — and, since then, Jungwirth's alleged Twitter page has been basically silent. However, since this news broke, the page is suddenly active again. Case-in-point: The last tweet posted before the news was released Tuesday was posted on May 23.

Now compare that tweet to the one that follows it, sent out Tuesday, nearly two months later:

In response to her that cryptic tweet, fans poured in and demanded to know answers in their replies, some of which she responded to directly. Though it's not entirely clear whether or not this is truly her account — the page isn't verified — if it is, it would make a lot of sense. In response to fans' tweets, Jungwirth allegedly thanked people for their support, cleared up confusion about her social media accounts, and even responded to requests from those in the media to get in touch with her for a comment.

For example, in response to a producer for Access Hollywood, she tweeted the following request to get in touch privately:

And, when a fan posted a picture of a different Twitter account claiming to be Jungwirth saying, “I am NOT pregnant!!” Jungwirth allegedly responded with a smiley face and a comment about how that was not her account:

What does a denial of a denial mean? Anyone?

If this Twitter truly does belong to Jungwirth, it could be telling about the reports in People— and it could be telling about whether or not Jungwirth is ready to speak publicly about them. And, while I can’t imagine what it would be like to have your personal life exposed to the public without your control, I do wish her well and hope her voice is eventually heard.

Image: Briana Jungwirth/Twitter (5)