Jennifer Aniston's Makeup Artist Shares Her Contour Secret And It's Unlike Any Other Technique You've Ever Heard Of

We've heard it all when it comes to contouring: powders versus creams, when and where to contour, and we've even heard professional makeup artists duke it out over whether or not the beauty application is a cheap trick or beauty gold. Now, Jennifer Aniston's makeup artist shares her contour secret, and it's something new entirely.

I thought we only had two choices when it came to accentuating cheek bones: cream contour products or powder products. Not so fast, says Aniston's longtime makeup artist and friend Angela Levin. Levin worked with Aniston in Cake, and has been the mastermind behind Aniston's red carpet glow for years. Her secret? Three, yes, three, foundations working together in perfect harmony.

"Powder shading can look too hard, but foundations emphasize the bone structure and make the color look more natural," said Levin, according to Harper's Bazaar. Instead of applying a powder contour, Levin uses three foundations on Aniston's skin. She starts with the darkest shade and contours the hallows of the cheeks, and then uses a true-to-shade tone around the rest of the face, blending them together for a seamless and natural look.

"It gives really natural structure and contour," said Levin. Finally, she uses a lighter shade foundation to highlight the forehead, tops of the cheek bones, and chin. Who knew!?

While this isn't a popular technique (or time saving), it is effective. Most of us have a stash of still good but not-quite-the-right color foundations. Grab them and put 'em to good use!