Guy Documents His Life As A Third Wheel

Have you ever been the third wheel? For the uninitiated, a third wheel is a solo friend hanging with two friends who make up a couple. I have been a third wheel many times, and even though I have a boyfriend there are still times I find myself rolling solo in the presence of a couple. It can be fun, or awkward, depending on the PDA level of the couple involved. This Imgur user, the ultimate third wheel, gets it, posting selfies of himself as a constant third wheel with his couple friends. The user, earthyhillgivens, seems to go everywhere with his couple friends, from the beach to the LEGO store, and documents himself looking sad while they do coupley things like hold hands.

The "Third Wheelin'" photo "project" is a little bit creepy, especially if, like me, you imagine that the couple doesn't know they're being stalked by this weird sad guy. That's some "wear your skin as a hat" sh*t right there. You could look at it with this twist, or you could just take it for what it really is: The story of a dude with a really good sense of humor about being the third wheel to a happy couple. Check out his gallery below:

Here's an idea of what it's like to be the third wheel:

1. When the PDA gets wild, all you want is another drink

2. But sometimes you'll just insert yourself into the fun regardless

3. Mostly you're just reminding yourself you're fine alone

4. When they're arguing, it all starts to sound like annoying noise

5. But at the end of the day you have the best date of all

Photo: CBS; Giphy (5)