Guess Which Original ‘Ghostbuster’ Is Back?

by Sofia Barrett-Ibarria

Worlds are about to collide. This week, Saturday Night Live alum and original Ghostbusters squad member Dan Aykryod confirmed he's making a cameo in Ghostbusters 3 , Paul Feig's highly anticipated reboot starring Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, and Melissa McCarthy. Aykroyd first spilled the news of his role on Twitter, in a now-deleted tweet that read, "On GB set shooting my scene with funny beautiful Kristen Wiig lady GB'S are adorable, hilarious and badass. Exhilarating! #ghostbusters." But as a rep for the actor later to Indie Revolver, Aykroyd and Wiig were on set in Boston Monday night shooting a scene where Wiig's character, paranormal expert Erin Gilbert, tries to hail a cab for Aykroyd. The big question this leaves us all with? Whether or not he's returning as his former ghostbusting character, Ray Stantz — and who else might be coming back, too.

Now that Aykroyd is officially on board for the Ghostbusters reboot, fans might wonder if this means fellow original Ghostbusters cast member Bill Murray will make a cameo, too. But according to reports, Murray has passed on the opportunity to return to the Ghostbusters franchise multiple times so far, and the new movie does seem to be its own stand-alone story, rather than a spinoff existing in the same dimension as the original movies. Still, if Aykroyd's in, a cameo from Murray — or any of the original cast members, for that matter — should also be a possibility. It would also be awesome.

Sure, some die hard fans out there may be anti-cameo, but not me. Here's why the original Ghostbusters cast seriously needs to return for a cameo in Ghostbusters 3:

Because Bill Murray Is Your Favorite Scientist

A scientist with some pretty classic one-liners.

To See Which Cast Has The Cooler Laser Guns

For research purposes, of course.

Because This Peak 80s #lewk Never Goes Out Of Style

Houndstooth for life.

Two Words: Ghostbusting Battle

The original cast better BRING IT.

Two More Words: Sigourney Weaver

Let's be honest; she's a national treasure.

This Dance Sequence

You didn't know you needed this, and now you REALLY REALLY need this.

Because The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Never Stops Being Creepy


For A Side-By-Side Squad Comparison

Girls rule, boys drool.

Because Slimer Totally Counts As An Original Cast Member

Come on — it's not really Ghostbusters until someone gets slimed!

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