Jennifer Love Hewitt Has a Few Surprises

The Client List actress has had a busy few days. Jennifer Love Hewitt had her first child, a baby girl, yesterday. Unlike most celebrities, we can actually get behind Jennifer Love Hewitt's adorable name for her baby: world, please meet Autumn James Hallisay. Sure, it's not conventional, but it's also pretty and not a direction or a piece of fruit. So, yes, we'll consider this progress!

But that's not the only major life event that the actress has to share. Just before welcoming their new baby girl, Jennifer Love Hewitt and fiance and television co-star Brian Hallisay reporedly got married in a private ceremony. The couple met on the failed NBC series Love Bites and reconnected on their Lifetime television series The Client List, where they play husband and wife. While the couple may have made a love connection on their sex-work focused television series, unfortunately for the couple, the show didn't connect as well with audiences in its second season. Lifetime announced that they were canceling the series earlier this month.

Now that The Client List has been canceled, the couple can venture into an entirely different project together — parenthood. Autumn James Hallisay is the first child to both the Hewitt and Hallisay. We wish them all the best in their latest adventure! (And we're really, really sorry about The Client List).