Here's How 'American Hustle' & 'Joy' Compare

Hollywood's favorite non-couple couple is back. Permanent co-stars and reportedly sexless friends Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper star in Joy , the new drama that reunites Cooper and Lawrence with American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook director David O. Russell. The first trailer starring Lawrence as Joy has officially been released, and, according to Entertainment Weekly, the movie centers on "the interior life of one woman's soul, from the ages of 10 to 40." Reportedly, Lawrence's title character is based on Joy Mangano, the real life inventor of the Miracle Mop and founder of Ingenious Designs, and Cooper plays as an HSN executive. The trailer doesn't give any kind of explicit look at what the movie is really about, but, in the short teaser, Joy cycles through childhood, marriage, prison, and tons of emotional drama that suggests this movie is prime Oscar bait.

Given that this movie is directed by the same person who brought you Cooper and Lawrence in two other movies that they also did together, you might expect some similarities in the between Joy and Russell's previous movies like American Hustle. In terms of the overall storyline, these two movies don't seem to have much in common besides being directed by Russell and starring Cooper and Lawrence, but, judging by the trailers, these could almost be the same movie.

Here's how the American Hustle and Joy trailers compare.

The American Hustle Trailer

Bradley Cooper is there

This time, he brought his jheri curl.

Jennifer Lawrence is also there

Looking very glamorous and with giant hair. So far, the hair is the star of this movie.

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are there together

Just a couple of regular old pals dancing around and making movies.

Jennifer Lawrence cries a single tear

No more, no less.

Jennifer Lawrence crawls around a little because she's single and ready to mingle

It's just what they did in the '70s.

Jennifer Lawrence is not having any unsolicited advances

No fuckboys allowed.

Amy Adams gets arrested in this movie

But she looks great doing it.

Conclusion: this movie is about butts.

And boobs. And hairspray? And the '70s? And suitcases of money maybe?

The Joy Trailer

Jennifer Lawrence is not single

Although she seems a little ambivalent about the whole marriage thing.

However, she might be ready to mingle

But again, she's kind of on the fence about the whole thing.

This time, she's very unglamorous

But still perfect, because she's Jennifer Lawrence. Only with smaller hair.

Bradley Cooper is there

Oh, hey little buddy!

And he's BFFs with Jennifer Lawrence's character

Because of course he is.

Jennifer Lawrence cries a single tear

As she does.

Jennifer Lawrence crawls around a little

But not in a sexual way.

Jennifer Lawrence gets arrested in this movie

Though, again, the hair is perfect.

In conclusion: this movie is about a family

And friendship, and love. No butts this time.

Watch the full trailer here:

Images: 20th Century FOX/YouTube