The One Thing You Need For A Perfect Top Knot

by Jessica Willingham

Top knotting is an easy hairstyle that looks adorable on everyone. You don't need clean hair, hot tools, or a lot of concentration to create one. In fact, we found the one thing you need for a perfect top knot. Sure, it looks much more complicated, but once you're done reading this article, I'm sure I'll have you convinced otherwise.

The top knot is the ultimate, effortlessly cool and chic look. It's great for work, brunch, date night, whatever! It's an endearing and yet commanding look - bringing all the hair back and away to show off your gorgeous features (and killer makeup skills, right?!). It's also a great look when you're not feeling like washing your hair, it's steaming hot outside, or you're running around the beach or city with your friends.

The best top knots start with a ponytail centered at the top of your crown. Ideally, the bun itself should sit flat at the very top of your head. The supply list for this look is short - you just need a strong elastic, stout bobby pins, and some determination.

We found two key tools for creating a perfect top knot, whether you have thin hair or hair for days.

1. For Lots of Hair

Living Proof Instant Texture Mist, $20, Amazon

The key to a great bun for you is maximizing your natural volume with a texturizing spray. Spray and tease your high pony before wrapping it around into a bun.

2. For Not So Much Hair

Conair Bun Maker Set, $9, Amazon

If you have thinner hair, you'll need a little help getting that big bun you've been dreaming about. If texturizing and teasing to the heavens doesn't for for you, try a bun maker like this one.

When in doubt, remember it doesn't have to be perfect. A little messy is a lot okay! For a detailed tutorial, check out the video below.

Image Credit: Marianna Massey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images