5 Tips For A Less Painful Breakup

Breaking up with someone is the worst. It's painful, it's confusing, and it sucks. However, there are things to consider when you're decide it's time to break it off. You need to have a plan. In order to keep things as uncomplicated as possible, you need to be direct, and be in a situation that is beneficial to both parties. Talking it out with someone is the best scenario when it comes to ending a relationship. That may be cringe-inducing, but the other person will appreciate you for it in the long-run. No one wants a break-up text.

The way I look at break ups is that if you are the person ending the relationship, you need to follow the Golden Rule. Break up with someone the way you would want to be broken up with. Phasing people out or ignoring them all together isn't good for either of you. Be open and honest with the person about your needs. If you don't want to be with that person, then you don't have to be. However, that doesn't mean that you should be inconsiderate. In the long-run, you'll feel better about the way things ended if you keep it amicable. Don't feel like you have to list every reason you don't like your SO, but do give them an explanation. Wondering what other things you need to consider when breaking up with someone? Here are a things to remember in order to stage a successful break up.

1. Time Of Day

If you both work or have a busy day, try to plan your break in the evening. No one wants to go through their day thinking about how they just got broken up with. Yes, it draws it out longer for you, but your mind is already out of the relationship. Your partner's isn't.

2. Location

If I'm going to break up with someone, I'm going to do it in public. This makes it harder for someone to scream at you, in my opinion. Although, to be fair, there's no guarantee this won't happen. It's a breakup. It's rough. While I do think that doing it in public is best, this doesn't mean bring them to a crowded club or social gathering, but rather a quiet setting like a coffee shop. Go to a place where you two can have an intimate conversation, yet still can put up the boundaries that come with being in public. On the other hand, if you think your partner will be extremely emotional to deal with the breakup in public, opt for a more one-on-one environment.

3. Amount Of People

Do NOT bring your friends along. That's just a dick move. I've had someone do that to me, and it makes the situation so much more awkward for everyone involved.

4. Get-Away Plan

Wherever you are meeting your partner to call it off, make sure you have your own way to leave the situation. Whether it's by car, subway, or simply walking, you need to have an escape plan. Nothing is more awkward then breaking up with someone, and then asking for a ride home.

5. Consider Your Stuff

Make sure to get your stuff from your partner before you break up if at all possible, or else consider it theirs. Showing up on their doorstep a few days after you break up to ask for your shirts back is going to be weird. Trust me. Save yourself the trouble, and do it beforehand.

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