Where Jane Austen Heroines Would Shop Today, Once They Ditched Their Stockings And Bonnets

Since Jane Austen wrote her novels during the Regency era, her heroines didn't have much of a choice when it came to clothing. First of all, there were only so many different types of muslin a lady could purchase, and if one didn't have £10,000 a year, the cost of a wardrobe could add up. But if Lizzy Bennet, Catherine Morland, and Elinor Dashwood had all lived in the 21st century, they would have a lot more options.

Just think about it: Cher Horowitz, modern-day Emma Woodhouse, proved that at least one of Jane Austen's heroines would be fashion forward. But what if the rest of the women had a chance to shop in today's market? They wouldn't have as many balls to attend, but if the ladies of Austen's classic novels had lived in the world of online shopping, outlet malls, and pieces available in 15 different colors, they would all be sure to find a signature style from a signature store. It's a truth universally acknowledged.

Elizabeth Bennet — Scout Mob

The fast-talking, fierce Elizabeth Bennet in today's world would ardently admire Scout Mob, a site where independent makers can sell their goods. She could pick floaty dresses, witty graphic T-shirts, and any accessory needed, all while supporting other independent individuals like herself. Not to mention she'd be able to find easily washable styles, for those times when one's hem is six inches deep in mud.

Jane Bennet — Lizard Thicket

Sweet, kind Jane Bennet could find all the lacy, feminine tops and dresses needed to inspire verses about her beauty at Lizard Thicket. Plus, based on her positive attitude, she'd also appreciate the boutique's dedication to community involvement.

Catherine Morland — Think Geek

If novel-obsessed Catherine Morland lived in the 21st century, she would flip over Think Geek. She'd fangirl away in outfits inspired by her favorite stories, so she could be one step closer to actually living in a book, TV show, or movie.

Anne Elliot — Madewell

Quiet yet determined Anne Elliot would most likely be a fan of Madewell's understated yet elegant selection. Half-practical, half-fashionable, she'd probably have a wardrobe full of button-ups and high-quality jeans in pretty, muted colors.

Marianne Dashwood — Ghosts & Stars

Passionate, dramatic Marianna Dashwood would a find quirky, flirtatious from YouTuber Anna Akana's shop Ghosts & Stars. Writing scandalous love letters is SO much more fun in a Catstronaut tee, right?

Elinor Dashwood — Zara

If anyone could dress well on a budget, it would be Elinor Dashwood. She'd scan the sale section at Zara and find the most practical, affordable, and beautiful pieces to create her wardrobe. Her knit sweaters and clean-cut coats would be the perfect complement to Marianne's trendy and bold rompers and tees.

Fanny Price — Boutique 1861

Even if Fanny Price lived in the 21st century, she'd probably still seem a little behind the times because she'd always romanticize the past. So, for her wardrobe, she'd love the vintage look of Boutique 1861. In a sweet dress or retro skirt, Fanny would feel right at home.

Emma Woodhouse — Koshka

Handsome, clever, and rich Emma Woodhouse would most likely have a pretty stellar wardrobe, as Cher Horowitz proved in the 90s. Nowadays, I'm thinking she'd have a closet of Princess Diaries-level amazingness, with an entire room just for shoes. That's why she would love the trendy designs at Koshka... and she'd probably purchase two of everything so Harriet would have something to wear, too.

Images: Focus Features(1), Scout Mob(2), Lizard Thicket(2), Think Geek(2), Madewell(2), Ghosts & Stars(2), Zara(2), Boutique 1861(2), Koshka(2)