What's The Gronk Cruise That Meg Won On 'Big Brother 17'? The NFL Player Has The Sea Equivalent Of A Party Bus

If you watch Big Brother, you know that CBS is pretty shameless when it comes to incorporating and promoting its other shows into the competition. Although I kind of admire this blatant self promotion because at least no one is pretending to make some attempt at subtlety. So, who better to bring more attention to its Thursday Night Football lineup than the NFL's favorite party boy and recent Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski. In a shock to no one, Gronk's Big Brother twist had a party emphasis. He even got rid of the Have Nots, which was pretty cool and generous of him. Instead there were random parties all week, and one of them resulted in houseguest Meg Maley winning a cruise with Rob Gronkowski.

I'm not really sure what that means, but I am definitely curious. I have to assume that drinking and dancing would be involved, but I still want to know what's going on. Is it a one night booze cruise kind of situation or an actual vacation on a yacht-sized boat? What is the deal with this Rob Gronkowski cruise, and can I be invited? Please?

It seems that in some sort of alcohol-less jungle juice chugging competition — no, I'm not even kidding — Meg won a cruise on Gronk's party cruise line that sails from Miami to some sort of private island in the Bahamas that which is aptly named "Gronk Island."

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The experience is known as Gronk's Party Ship and includes pretty much everything you would want in a party cruise. It's basically a floating frat party with beer, red cups, and an appearance from Waka Flocka Flame. The ship has 13 bars, plus hot tubs, a gym, a casino, and a spa for 2,500 passengers. It sets sail in February 2016, in case you want to buy tickets and hop on. Another cool perk is that the guests get to take photos with Rob Gronkowski, himself.

This sounds like every frat star's dream come true. I also secretly hope that Meg and Gronk make out during this cruise.

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Image: Robert Voets/CBS