Siri Answers “Bruce Jenner” Questions In The Best Way & Proves She’s Most Progressive Than A Lot Of Humans

As you probably know, Siri is that voice inside your iPhone that will pretty much answer any question you ask. Want to know what zero divided by zero is? She'll give a sassy response. Want to how to get to Disney World? She'll send you on your way to Cinderella's Castle. Want to know how tall "Bruce Jenner" is? Unlike those previous two questions, Siri will answer and shut you down, all at once. Ask about "Bruce Jenner," and Siri will tell you to use "Caitlyn Jenner", the name of the woman formerly known as Bruce.

That's right, when asked "How tall is Bruce Jenner?" and "What is Bruce Jenner's real name?" Siri proves she is way more progressive than a lot of people. Her answers are as follows: "Caitlyn Jenner is 6'2" tall" and, even better, "The full name of Caitlyn Jenner is Caitlyn Jenner." Siri recognizes Jenner as her true self, and that is pretty wonderful. It's great to see that our iPhone's can be used for good and instill, hopefully, tolerance and acceptance in others.

According to, the update wasn't made by Apple, but comes from Wolfram Alpha, a "computational knowledge engine," which works with both Siri and Apple "to deliver the fastest source of information to iPhone users." Well, I thank you Wolfram Alpha for your work and for making such a powerful statement.