5 Quick Beauty Tips That Will Change Your Whole Look And Take Less Than 5 Minutes

Everyone has taken drastic measures to update their look. From spontaneous pixie cuts to eyelash extensions to piercings of all kinds, beauty lovers aren't afraid of change in the slightest. In fact, they encourage it, and seek out the most efficient ways to do it. They aren't afraid of a new beauty treatment, or adding a little color to an old routine.

In the past year alone, I have bleached, cut, and pierced myself, and have invested plenty of money in products of all kinds, all in the name of change. Hey, I am a 20-something girl living in NYC. I'm predetermined to change my look about a hundred times before I reach 30. Sometimes, taking on a new look feels like taking on a new outlook as well. It gives you a fresh perspective on the world around you and lets you live as if you were a different, slightly edgier, version of yourself. If you ask me, testing out new makeup methods and hairstyles is just another facet of self-discovery, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Not every beauty update you make has to be permanent. In fact, sometimes it's more fun to just try out what's trendy. Adding a few colorful makeup products to your routine or accessorizing in a new way can seriously give you a newfound confidence. With just a few simple moves, you can look like your fab alter ego in no time.

1. Turn Your Bangs Into Volume

Whether you're very into the French-girl long, sweeping bang, or are just trying to mix up your everyday fringe look, sometimes all you need for an impromptu makeover is a little volume. Luckily for you, if you've got bangs, you've got all the tools you need. Of course, you also have a few hair products and a styling wand on hand.

Take a page from the Kardashian Beauty Bible and try out a middle part, using your bangs as layers. If that's not how you typically style your hair, think of it as potentially the quickest way to mix up your look. Plus, a middle part is very on-trend, and super flattering when paired with some volume. Start with wet hair, apply a little volumizing mousse (like Moroccanoil's version) right to your scalp (trust me, it works wonders for even the straightest hair), and blow dry until your hair is fully dry. Now embrace the bedhead look, using a curling iron to achieve a tousled look, and curl your bangs (read: newfound layers) the best you can. Top up with a spritz of hairspray, and you have a very stylish lazy-girl look.

2. Utilize The Miracle That Is Nude Lipliner

Nobody's asking you to line outside your natural lip line and increase your pout by 300 percent, but if you haven't added lipliner to your usual lipstick look, it's about to change everything. It makes your lip color long-lasting, adds another level of color dimension, and gives a much fuller look. Plus, it can be done in a minute flat.

Of course, you can use lipliner to match any of your favorite lip colors, but if you aren't used to how drastic it can look (seriously, it seems like over-lining is trending on Twitter ATM), a neutral look is the simplest route. Pick a lipliner and stick combo that is as similar as possible — rose or golden-enhanced tones look awesome on everyone. Start with a moisturizing lip scrub to get rid of any dry skin, and then line your lips slightly outside of your natural line, fill them in, and finish up with a layer of lipstick! Now you can still sport a natural look with a slightly juicier lip.

3. Update Your Manicure With Some Unexpected Color

It seems your mom's go-to French manicure is coming back in an ironic chic way, and I'm very OK with it. Much like Britney Spears, it really gets better with age. Take a very new age twist on this classic nail look by replacing that little white strip with something a bit more fun, like aqua blue or limeade green. Simply start with a clear base, use a little tap to create the perfect outline, and paint a fluorescent strip for a fun take on an old favorite.

4. Go Against Every Brow Trend And Give Lightening Them A Try

We've all seen those scary pictures of celebrities without eyebrows. I emotionally can't handle seeing Cara Delevingne sans her signature brows (unless she's on a Givenchy runway). No bleach, thank you. Whether you have an incredibly bold brow or a more subtle look, lightening your eyebrows completely changes your face. It's as simple as that. It's the reverse effect of shaping and coloring in your brows, but believe me, lightening won't make your brow game any less strong.

Start off with a primer than closely matches, or is slightly lighter than, your skin tone. Use a blending sponge to apply it directly to your brows, and keep in mind that you aren't trying to fully cover them, just lighten their appearance. Now, go in with your usual foundation/blush/bronzer combo to make it more cohesive looking. Then opt for a brow pencil that is lighter than your usual brows, and gently give your brows the definition they need. Finish up with some brow gel (my absolute favorite is Browfood Brow Enhancing Gelfix), and obsess over your completely new appearance.

Browfood Brow Enhancing Gelfix, $24, Sephora

5. Go Overboard With The Matching

We've all heard of matching your shoes to your purse, but do you ever think about matching your makeup to your outfit? The possibilities really are endless — your heels and your eye shadow, or your lips and your nails, for instance. Pick out the most vibrant hue you have in your closet and march right on over to Sephora to find a little something to match. Something that bold simply cannot be ignored, and makes you look ever so put-together. It's not being obsessive; it's being impossibly chic.

Images: harryjoshhair, keira_rowland, jinsoochoi, little_magpie1/Instagram