Kendall Jenner Responds To Snapchat Rumors & OK, Can Everyone Stop Jumping To Conclusions About Her, Now?

If you're a loyal follower of the Jenner-Kardashian clan, then you probably have seen a little Snapchat video that seemingly depicted Kendall Jenner driving... with one leg hanging out a window. If you haven't seen it, the video was reportedly posted by Jenner's younger sister Kylie Jenner on her own Snapchat, and it features the model screaming "I fixed it!" while her legs are casually chilling out of the window — as the car moves. Considering that the video seemingly shows the elder Jenner driving the car (with a passenger, no less) it's obvious why some people were bothered by the Snapchat. However, it's worth noting that it's really not clear in the video whether or not Jenner was driving the vehicle — and now that Jenner has responded to the outrage that this video caused, it's clear that the video may not have been what some were so quick to assume it was.

Jenner took to Twitter on Wednesday to respond to the backlash that the Snapchat received, and it looks like she's suggesting the whole thing may have been fake: Jenner laughed off the idea that she was actually driving with her leg out of the window. Here's what she wrote:

So far there has been no further explanation following the tweet, but it does seemingly suggest that she may not have actually been driving the car — or her leg may not have actually been out the window. Here's the video:

I'll wait until Jenner explains herself (if she chooses to do so, of course), and I'm hoping that other fans do as well. It certainly looks like the car is moving, but since it's not clear whether or not Jenner is actually driving, it's not fair to her to jump to conclusions. While letting ones leg hang out of the window of a car isn't by any means safe, let's not assume that she was driving unless there's actual proof.