This Plus Size Ad Campaign Gets It Right

by Jodie Layne

What's better than seeing a body positive ad campaign for a plus size clothing company featuring gorgeous babes who are actually plus size? An ad campaign that features the women in colorful plus size dresses, and classic brand IGIGI's #IGIGILoveYourself blogger campaign has tapped some of the coolest babes around to model some of its bright frocks and gown on the foggy streets of San Francisco. Best known for its formalwear and work-ready dresses, IGIGI's new efforts are equal parts fun and gorgeous.

Picked for their personal style, personalities, and accomplishments, Marcy Guevara, Amina Mucciolo, Jolene of The Boardroom Blonde, and Nicole Simone model the looks. Each woman and her style is unique. Guevara is well known for her roles as a television personality and her features on shows like The Real and Rachel Ray in addition to being a writer and stylist. Jolene's basically the real life Elle Woods, blogging her way through law school with a fashionable plus size office style at Boardroom Blonde. Then there's Amina Mucciolo: The pink-haired tassel fairy who's know for her playful sense of personal style and magical, booming tassel garland business. Finally, there's the IGIGI model contest winner Nicole Simone who rocked it like a pro.

Each wears their dresses differently and fashionably, but seeing that versatility and those personal touches isn't the only thing that sets the campaign apart.

Even by body positive standards, it's refreshing to see a group of women who are diverse in all kinds of ways including size, race, backgrounds, professions, and personal styles. These women aren't just hovering as close to the straight size/plus size line as possible: They're all sizes that better represent what plus size bodies can look like.

These women don't just embrace one single aesthetic, despite dressing in pieces from the same brand — they put their own spin on things. They are allowed to be individuals and are celebrated for their individuality.

The campaign shows the process behind a shoot, taking you through all of the primping and — hey! — we even see the ladies having lunch together. Plus size babes eating without it being turned into a joke or source of shaming! What a concept!

This campaign doesn't focus on the fact that these women are plus size. It just focuses on its models being glamorous babes who look good in their dresses. It's a campaign that can speak to women who are plus or straight size that features women who are inspirational to all. Hey fashion industry? More of this, please.

Images: Courtesy IGIGI