Paris Hilton Wears Green One-Piece In Ibiza And It's So Hot That I Basically Need It

Oh to live the fabulous life of Paris Hilton. After DJing baby sister Nikki Hilton's bachelorette party this past weekend, the heiress didn't waste any time flying back to Ibiza to prepare for the grand opening of her Foam and Diamonds rager this Saturday. Before the on-going party kicks off, though, Hilton's taking full advantage of the island's beautiful weather. Posting a photo to Instagram Wednesday, the performer rocked a particularly sexy green one piece swimsuit with palm tree leaf pattern and side cut outs.

So basically, I've fallen head over heels for Hilton's swimsuit and I need it. Ever since Amanda Seyfried wore that adorable blue and white one piece in Mamma Mia, I've made it my life's mission to find a one piece swimsuit that I not only adored but would actually wear. Obviously, I haven't exactly been successful — mostly because I have an addiction to mix and match bikinis.

But this year I am vacationing in Orlando with my boyfriend and I would really love to add some flair to my swimwear if you catch my drift. Paris, if you are reading this, please be my friend and tell me where you found this gem. Myself, and others I am sure, would really appreciate it, because, to be frank, that's hot.

As for now, here are seven suits that may not be the masterpiece that Paris Hilton currently possesses, but are definitely just as hot.

1. French Connection

Sea Fern Plait Swimsuit in Sea Fern Green, $37.00,

2. Kenzo

'Torn Flowers' Swimsuit, $220.50,

3. Gat Rimon

One Piece Suit, $142.00,

4. Adriana Degreas

Printed Lycra One Piece Swimsuit, $352.00,

5. Venus

Sweetheart One-Piece, $46.00,

6. Venus

Beach Betty Monokini, $69.00,

7. Jessica London

Draped Maillot Swimsuit, $109.99,

Images: parishilton/Instagram, Courtesy Brands(7)