Hillary's Latest Magazine Cover Is Perfect

On Wednesday, Gail Bichler, design director for The New York Times Magazine, tweeted the cover of the magazine's July 19 issue, which shows off Hillary Clinton on the cover. The cover line reads "The Once and Future Hillary," with the tagline, "How will America's most famous women reintroduce herself?" It's decorated with a colorful array of old and recent photos of the presidential hopeful.

Clinton's long and highly decorated political career has kept her in the spotlight for decades, and has certainly heeded its fair share of interesting magazine covers. In 2014, the Times Magazine famously featured Clinton on its cover with her face as a planet. A year later, TIME featured Clinton's silhouetted figure against the dramatic title, "The Clinton Way," setting off a string of bizarre allegations that the "M" in TIME had been positioned above her head to look like a devil's horns. (Seriously — see for yourself, below).

In the '90s, Clinton covers were definitely a little more understated, like her plain but elegant August 1993 Mirabella cover, which featured Clinton in neutral colors and promised "exclusive" details regarding the then-first lady's "health plans." Compare that with a June issue of the British news magazine New Statesman featuring candidates Hillary alongside Jeb Bush, George W. Bush, and her husband, former president Bill Clinton decked out in cowboy gear in front of the White House.

Here's a peek into the evolution of Clinton's most iconic magazine covers to date, below — and the recent, retro masterpiece that is her July 19 Times Magazine cover.

The New York Times Magazine, July 2015

Mirabella, August 1993

People, June 2014

This issue allegedly sold the least of all of People's 2014 publications — which is pretty sad, considering it regarded "amazing women changing the world."

New Statesman, June 2015

The New York Times Magazine, Jan. 26, 2014

TIME, March 23, 2015

And to conclude, here's a beautiful magazine cover featuring Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, for Elle in May 2015:

The Times Magazine article itself, by Mark Leibovich, is called "Re-Re-Re Introducing Hillary Clinton," and you can read it here.