Handpicked: 8 Stylish Things I'm Thankful For

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Bustle readers with a keen (and even not so keen) sense of judgement have probably already figured out my addiction to all things fashion and beauty. Don't get me wrong, I care about a lot of other important things — current events, breaking food trends, viral puppy videos, etc.

But to know me is to know that I spend much of my time dog-earing magazine pages and browsing through how-to makeup blogs like it's my job (here's the thing — it is my job!). And while you've read about my plea for dry conditioner and my love for the bucket bag, there are certain favorites of mine that I’ve been wanting to share with you, dear readers.

Here’s a peek into the simple things that make my heart aflutter. Aside from writing for you, my loving family and my little French Bulldog, consider these 8 products what I’m most grateful for this Thanksgiving.

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