'Maxim' Is Launching A Swimwear Line, Which Makes Sense Since So Many Of Their Covers Feature Women In Bikinis

Here's a piece of news that shouldn't shock anyone. Men's mag Maxim is launching a swimwear line. The publication built its reputation by putting hot, bikini-wearing models and celebs on its covers for years. So this makes complete and total sense.

Maxim has been going through a bit of a shift lately, opting for less overtly sexy covers and by taking a softer approach, thanks to a female editor-in-chief. But the mag still spotlights bikini-clad babes. A recent cover was like the Maxim of yore, since it featured a sexy, sandy, and topless Emily DiDonato.

Kate Lanphear, who now tops the mag's masthead, came up with the concept, according to Women's Wear Daily. Lanphear worked with a design group to create the range.

For a minute there, I thought Maxim was going to be stepping away from its past focus on hard bodies, thanks to its front-facing, headshot cover featuring Candice Swanepoel or the cover that boasted Lily Aldridge's lovely profile. They were beautiful images, but made me wonder if the mag would be less fun.

But this range reminds me of why Maxim reigned supreme as a men's publication for so freakin' long.

"We set out to create a product that is not only beautiful but will inspire confidence, which is the ultimate definition of sexiness," Lanphear said.

You know, that makes even more sense. While Maxim catered to men for so many years, its recent editorial shifts and cover shots seemed to reach out directly to women, as well. This foray into fashion is much the same. The fact that it seeks to inspire confidence in women is a concept that I heartily and happily can co-sign!

I don't necessarily think that the magazine has to abandon bikini babes on the cover in order to attract a female readership. I'm a straight girl and I'm inspired by bikini bodies in all shapes and sizes, actually. I've read Maxim for years.

Here's everything we know about the upcoming Maxim swimsuit line.

1. Brigitte Bardot


The collection was inspired by the French actress, known for her sexy pout, her big, blonde hair, and her general gorgeousness.

2. All About The Details!

The Maxim swimwear line focuses on details and a variety of styles. There will be boho chic pieces that are crocheted and/or fringed. There will also be girl-next-door looks, with seersucker and gingham material, according to WWD. So it sounds like there will be lots of options for all sorts of personal styles.

3. What's It Gonna Cost Ya?

There are about 40 suits set to debut this weekend at a swimwear event in Miami. The bathing suits will set you back anywhere from $76 (for separates) to $320 (for cover-ups and one-pieces). So they are a little on the pricy side.

I guess it was only a matter of time before Maxim got into the bikini biz. I mean, it was already deeply entrenched in bikini bodies. Whatever the case, I certainly can't wait to see the pieces.

Images: Maxim (1); Getty (1); Giphy (2)