Rachel Zoe Launches Talk Show That I Will Definitely Be Watching, Especially If Mandana Dayani Appears

She's baaaack! Stylist and designer Rachel Zoe is launching a talk show on Lifetime, returning to TV with Fashionably Late With Rachel Zoe. It's a half-hour, weekly format that will zero in on fashion, beauty, and pop culture news. While it will take place at Zoe's office in Los Angeles, it will be a far cry from her reality show The Rachel Zoe Project.

Her previous program was full of clothes, clothes, and clothes. And drama, drama, and more drama, thanks to erstwhile, ladder-climbing assistants and wardrobe malfunctions of multiple varieties. Those were the reasons I tuned in each week. I loved how sassy her former assistant Taylor Jacobson was. Plus, I admired Taylor's personal style and totally took inspo from her looks. She did side-swept bangs better than anyone back then.

What kept me glued to the boob tube for every episode later on in the series wasn't Zoe and her relationship with clients, her frequent use of "I die!," Brad Goreski, or her dealings with husband Rodger Berman, who will appear on the new show, as well. I loved Mandana Dayani, her VP and general counsel.

She is the true style queen in Zoe's orbit. I actually saw her once at a restaurant in L.A. and I was a total fangirl... from a distance, mind you. I did not approach her to say "Hi" because that would have been weird. I just marveled at her all-black outfit, because of course I did!

So, here are the three critical reasons that I will tune in to Fashionably Late With Rachel Zoe.

1. Mandana Cameos

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Duh! I admitted how much I love Mandana and her style. I will tune in to every ep hoping that she somehow shows up, even for a two-second cameo. That's worth the 30-minute investment. Could you imagine if Taylor J. made it onto this show in any capacity? That's highly unlikely, but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be looking for it because ratings!

2. Perspective

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I think Zoe, a mother of two who launched a maternity line, has a super unique perspective. She's not going to try and be a comedian, cutting down designers or celebs and their clothing choices, while commenting on fashion and beauty culture. I think she can really offer an informed opinion on fashion topics because she lives this. I mean, just look at her empire.

3. The Clothes, Always The Clothes

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Love her or hate her, but Zoe really has her finger on the pulse of fashion. Anyone who has followed her career knows that she can be considered responsible for the popularity of boho chic in the '00s. She also has a fabulous eye for vintage pieces. So I want to see what she wears. Most of her ensembles are a bit too flowing and not all-black enough for me, but I still like to see what it is she is wearing because I can't look away.

So, yeah, Lifetime and RZ. I'm in.

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