Ronda Rousey Didn't Hold Back About Floyd

On Thursday night at the ESPYs, mixed martial arts super-champ Ronda Rousey took a jab at Floyd Mayweather, multimillionaire and alleged domestic abuser many times over, after accepting the Best Fighter award. "I wonder how Floyd feels being beat by a woman for once," she responded when asked about Mayweather on the red carpet. "I'd like for him to pretend to not know who I am now." Mayweather famously said about Rousey, "I don't know who he is," which is difficult if you have even a passing interest in MMA fighting — but, given Mayweather's alleged record when it comes to the treatment of women, perhaps shouldn't be so surprising. (Mayweather has settled some domestic violence suits, and plead innocent to others.)

Earlier this year, Mayweather famously fought Manny Pacquiao in a match dubbed "the fight of the century." Mayweather received an estimated more than $100 million for participating in the fight alone, a fact that many struggled with, given his extensive history of becoming embroiled in domestic violence and assault cases. It's not as though Mayweather needed it: his net worth stands at roughly $330 million at present, according to Complex.

Here's Rousey speaking out about Mayweather on the red carpet.

Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones wasn't the only person impressed with Rousey speaking out.

Others were equally grateful that Rousey had said publicly what many were thinking.

Mayweather hasn't responded publicly to Rousey's comments.