Jessica Williams Wants To Play a Superhero & Hollywood Needs To Make This Happen

Jessica Williams — Ms. J. Willy, if you will — is one of the best comedians we have today. Her voice on The Daily Show is irreverent and fresh, as she takes on such topics as abortion rights and the McKinney, Texas pool party incident. Many fans wanted Williams to take over The Daily Show hosting duties, but, at 25 years old, she didn't feel like she was ready. In addition to incredible pieces on The Daily Show, Williams also has a budding acting career. This summer Williams appears in People Places Things, a romantic comedy starring Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Concords.

The indie darling is about a single dad dating again, which she says presents the realities of dating in a realistic way. She spoke to Marie Claire about the film, and when they asked her what her dream acting role will be, she said, "Any sort of superhero thing. That way, I could use this six-foot-tall Amazonian figure that I was blessed with. Plus, I really want to kick some ass."

Listen up, Hollywood: Jessica Williams wants to play a superhero, and this needs to happen. She definitely has all it takes to stand up to the man — she does so with her comedy on a nightly basis. Plus, she is witty — which as we see with Iron Man, makes a great superhero in the Marvel Universe. Here are the top 3 superheroines J. Willy should play.

Natasha Irons

Natasha Irons is a black female superhero in the DC Universe, whose abilities include flight and superhuman strength. She fights under the identities Steel, Starlight and Vaporlight in the DC Universe. A Vaporlock movie would be particularly awesome — as that character, Natasha can transform her body into gaseous substances.


DC Comics announced at ComicCon last week that they will be producing a webseries about "Mari McCabe, a young woman originally from Africa, who becomes the super-heroine named Vixen when she inherits a necklace with a magical totem after the death of her parents." We can definitely see Williams fighting alongside Arrow and The Flash.


Batwoman, like Batman, is a vigilante in Gotham City. In the modern era, her real name is Kate Kane, and she was expelled from West Point for being in a lesbian relationship. Even though Don't Ask Don't Tell has since been repealed, she is a fascinating, ass-kicking character who should definitely get her own movie, and Williams would be awesome.

Images: DC Comics (2)