The 2015 Emmys Nominations Snubbed Jon Snow & Our 'Game Of Thrones'-Loving Hearts Continue To Break

This is no way to honor the dead — even if "dead" would be more accurate in this scenario because we really still don't know the true fate of Game of Thrones' Jon Snow. Thursday morning's 2015 Emmy nominations were full of surprises and snubs, but the greatest snub of all might have come for Game of Thrones fans that are still moving through their grieving process at a glacial pace. (I, personally, am still in the denial stage.) While the series itself was nominated for multiple awards, including Outstanding Drama Series, the 2015 Emmys snubbed Kit Harington. Which clearly proves that the Emmys really might know less than our fallen hero at The Wall.

Now, you're probably wondering why we'd assume that Harington — who's never been nominated for an Emmy for his role in the HBO series before — would get nominated in 2015. That might seem like a crazy assumption to you if you aren't a diehard GoT fan and you didn't sit (and sob uncontrollably) through the final scene of the Season 5 finale. Well, first of all, Harington pulled off a stellar season as Lord Commander of the Night's Watch in Season 5 and it showed — even in the wake of dragons and Cersei's walk of shame. GoT Season 5 challenged the Jon Snow we knew to become the Jon Snow we always believed he could be and it was beautiful, heartbreaking, and everything in between. I'm sorry if this is stirring up painful memories for my fellow mourners, but I must give credit where credit is due.

But, perhaps the truly upsetting thing about Jon Snow's 2015 Emmys snub is the fact that this might be yet another reason to believe that he's actually dead. I wasn't relying on an Emmy nomination to convince the GoT execs that they should change their minds about confirming — over and over again — that Jon Snow is really, truly, 10000 percent dead, but it definitely wouldn't have been the worst way to continue fueling the fire of all of the theories surrounding the character's potential resurrection in Season 6. Alas, however, it appears when you play the game of Emmys, you get nominated or you die.

OK — I might be being a little dramatic here. But I'm going to speak for myself and all of the Game of Thrones fans that are surviving Jon Snow when I say that this Emmy snub felt a lot like this:

Man, I hate that kid. Excuse me while I go cry now.

Images: HBO; iheartgot, aryaunderfoots/Tumblr