Judd Apatow & Amy Schumer Team Up For 'Train Wreck': 5 Other Funny Females We Also Want More Of

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Judd Apatow has been busy producing movies like Anchorman 2 and Bridesmaids, but his latest venture will have him returning to the director's chair. Judd Apatow's next big move? The comedy Train Wreck, starring the hysterical Comedy Central star Amy Schumer as a "basket case who tries to rebuild her life." While we love Ron Burgundy and his fellow newsmen, we have to say that we're pretty excited about Judd Apatow working with another funny female (after all, Judd Apatow is the person who helped get Girls on HBO and Lena Dunham on our radar). What other funny ladies should Judd Apatow work with? Let's take a look.

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